Damn journalism


Can the dam be repaired?

They aren’t the only problems feeding the journalism malaise. There has also been an onslaught of reported trivia, created ‘news’ (polls and programs like Q&A and The Nation are designed to create stories), a lot of crying wolf, the ‘breaking news’ banner is broken, the list goes on.

And that’s just old media, the digital algorithms have also been proven to be seriously flawed, accentuating old media sewerage into the social media system.

We don’t have one big dam any more, news has become fragmented as it rapidly moves and morphs from one platform to another.


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  1. Ray

     /  31st December 2016

    There was a time when journalists controlled the gateway and not unnaturally they long for that time to return. The business was also very lucrative.
    That was then this is now.
    Calling for subsidies is not going to turn the clock back.

  2. Blazer

     /  31st December 2016

    Click bait,reality T.V,Fox News….journalism is …dead in the MSM.

    • PDB

       /  31st December 2016

      Journalists & newspapers with primarily outdated socialist views like yourself going the way of communism now they can’t control the message – down the gurgler.

  3. Actually it was the Editors who guarded jealously the ethics of the Journalists by their use of the black, red or green ink, according to their tastes. Every word was tested for accuracy, all grammar was checked and proof reading was always 100% accurate before it was sent to final print. Now it is more a case of cramming as little news into the sace available and maximising the advertisement and other paying Public Notices. TV has gone the same way. One senses that the viewing habits of TV have undergone huge changes due to the influence of the Internet and “social media” on line. There in lies a huge problem for personal freedom. Privacy is a fundamental pre-requisite for true freedom, yet we see in the UK, and soon for NZ, deliberate encroachment on our privacy encourage by the Justice and Security institutions of the State as well as Private enterprise who maintain huge data bases of our every transaction on line so as to tailor their appeals to individual tastes. Invariably they are tools of the Security agencies as well. This is why Trump is telling everyone who will listen that computers are the biggest problem (he really means the Internet an WWW), and if you want to have real privacy, then a handwritten letter in a sealed envelope forwarded by hand (courier) is the best protection, unless the Courier is in the pocket of the Security Services who are adept at copying correspondence by stealth.
    Think I am joking? If you have and use an Iphone, ensure you tape off your microphone and the camera lenses, and accept that your actual position is readily available to anyone with access to the software available on line needed to trace a cellphone’s location. If you are planning on a liaison, lock your cell phone in a drawer at the office lest your partner turns on your microphone and camera and records your dalliance. A real bugger, they stopped the rape and pillaging by us soldiers and now they spy on our liaisons. No fun any more!!

    • Blazer

       /  3rd January 2017

      well Col…you know how it goes…’nothing to hide…nothing to…fear.’

  4. Its okay Beejay, you are talking to yourself, else the others are totally in awe of the wisdom stated. Else they have better things to do. Ho hum so back to the rock face again!!

    • Gezza

       /  3rd January 2017

      Ok I had a read, thought it made some good points, & I’ve taped off my iPad camera, but I think it just needed a bit more paragraphing and a proof-read.


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