McCully’s office vandalised

RNZ report that Murray McCully’s office has been graffiti’d:  Foreign Minister’s electorate office vandalised


Petty vandalism like this doesn’t do anything for the wall scribble or their case.

It’s pathetic calling McCully a traitor, and ‘jew hater’ is nothing more than ignorant abuse.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  4th January 2017

    I t shouldn’t be too hard to remove.

    • Already painted over, at the building owner’s cost.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  4th January 2017

        I have a cartoon of a tagger tagging a wall and a small dog lifting his leg a little further down. Each has a thought bubble over his head that says ‘Now everyone will know that I’ve been here,’

        I remember Tariana Turia defending tagging and grafitti as being a political statement and other absurd justifications. If someone tagged or grafittied her fence, I bet that she’d sing a different song. When someone tagged our fence, I saw it as vandalism and a damned nuisance when we had to paint it out,

  2. lurcher1948

     /  4th January 2017

    The mossard are watching him I think, don’t make long term plans i could say and watch out for honey traps with people who wouldn’t give you a second glance Murry a possible walking dead mp, nominations are open for a new MP as Murry has a bright new future probably somewhere as as a reward, just saying

  3. Klik Bate

     /  4th January 2017

  4. David Farrar comments ion the vandalism;

    A reminder that fanaticism can run both ways.

    Being against the current Israeli Government’s policy of unilateral building of settlements on occupied territory does not make you a Jew hater. In fact 40% of Israeli citizens are against the policy also.


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