An eye opener for the WO bubble

Followers of Whale Oil over the the past two weeks will have seen a daily diet of pro-Israel and anti-Security Council resolution, anti-Murray McCully and anti-National government posts.

There has been no attempt at balance, and little attempt at accuracy – support of the Security Council vote (14-0) has been labelled as anti-Israel, but obviously countries like the United States and United Kingdom (and New Zealand) are not anti-Israel overall, they have just become exasperated by Israel’s ongoing provocative settlements.

The activist campaign on WO continues today. Already there has been Is the Maori Party a friend of Israel? which promised much (teasers were posted yesterday) and delivered little.

And  Face of the Day  featured another cherry picked article (also posted on here ‘One Nation’ wants to kick New Zealand). Comments are more interesting:


I am interested in just what the rest of New Zealand outside of W/O actually think. Stuff accepted just 4 comments on this story, one person wrote “that Israel violated international law with their ILLEGAL settlements, therefore it’s only logical they be reprimanded for that.” This has received 395 up votes. I am really surprised at that. It would appear that Israel are not overly supported in this Country – perhaps the ripple in the polls may actually be very small by the simple tactic of ignoring it.


Yep, majority of comments and votes on other news sites/blogs are all very anti-Israeli. While it is probably no more than the screaming skull’s rent-a-crowd, it is an eye opener.

No, not anti-Israel, most are simply pro the Security Council resolution.

Rick H:

As I have been saying all along – – -the vast majority of NZ people (and probably most in the rest of the western world as well) know very little to nothing at all about the facts of the middle east. They believe what they have seen on the TV over the years, that Israel is the evil one.

No amount of trying to show them the real truth makes a difference.
They turn off and simply don’t want to be told.
They aren’t interested.

I’m not surprised that these two Oilers are ‘very surprised’ and find it ‘an eye opener’ what reality outside the WO bubble is.

The ‘truth’ and gospel according to Whale Oil is not what the vast majority of New Zealanders see preached.

Typical of online bubbles they portray any sort of disagreement as totally anti their way of thinking, you are either friend or enemy, similarly of WO and of Israel.

With such a persistent one-sided diet that’s what often happens.

And those who venture out of the bubble are shocked that the real world is more mixed and nuanced, and see this as totally opposite to the lines they have been fed.


Apart from articles on WO, I have seen and heard very little about it, and have had no discussions about it at all.

I’ve seen quite a bit in a variety of places – it’s there if you look for it beyond your self reinforcing zone.

It’s funny that different opinions are seen as an eye opener.

Postscript: “This is a 2000-year-old struggle that the Māori Party is not about to wade into. Both sides claim tangata whenua status. However, we note that the current sanctions imposed against Pallestine are inhumane and cause great suffering of innocent women and children.”

I’m not surprised that the Maori Party didn’t want to ‘wade into’ the frenzy at Whale Oil, but they have probably fed it by suggesting that “innocent (Palestinian) women and children”  are suffering.

Update: while I was writing this post pro-Israel post #3 so far today at WO – Guest Post: Our world: The PLO’s zero-sum game – another cherry picked article from the Jerusalem Post.

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  1. Re “tangata whenua status”, I wrote this letter to the DomPost:

    A minor correction is needed to Dave Armstrong’s “Three cheers for a brave Murray McCully” (Opinion, January 2).

    “The indigenous people of Palestine are Jews, not Palestinian Arabs.

    The Babylonians conquered the region in 597 BC, sacking Jerusalem and expelling the Jews. In 135 AD the Romans conquered Israel and Emperor Hadrian changed its name to Palestine in an attempt to erase the historical ties of the Jewish people to the region. Then in 640 AD Muslim Arabs led by caliph Umar bin al-Khattab conquered Jerusalem, allowing Jews back in under constrained circumstances. Arab expansion into the region increased, especially after Muslims defeated Byzantium in 1453. So Jews aren’t ‘occupiers’ or ‘settlers’. They are reconquering land they belong to, and which belongs to them.

    Their success in this has shamed Muslims who consider conquered land is bequeathed to Allah for eternity (waqf), and this is why they want to eliminate Israel. However, they recognise they are unable to do this so instead demonise Israel, manipulating and dividing the West into thinking this is a serious issue.

    It’s not. It’s a distraction from Muslims’ real – and so far very successful – goal of bringing the non-Islamic world into submission to the will of Allah.”

    Typically, the DomPost didn’t publish it, keeping the water sullied with new myths rather than established history and Armstrong’s ignorance rather than reality.

    But the bigger and deeper picture is that Islamic adepts are now embracing indigenous cultures in their cause. They’re capitalising on the trope of victimhood set up for them by neo-Marxists, which is another example of the ideological intersectionality which is wreaking havoc on the West.

  2. John Schmidt

     /  5th January 2017

    The obsession in support of Israel on WO is a little bit werid. Remembering that Slater had a sponsored trip to Isreal where he and other sponsored persons were taken on a government tour of the things that Isreal wanted them to see and report on. So the question is now are there payments being made today that would explain the obsession because nothing else does.


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