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Yesterday images were posted here that weren’t nice, and weren’t appropriate – others pointed this out and I make the call on things like that. What particularly bothered me was that I have made it clear in the past that similar images weren’t appropriate but that was ignored and defied at a time that I wasn’t available to see them quickly and deal with them.

What happened was a breach of trust. For comments to operate successfully here I have to trust people, especially regular commenters, to abide by what I think are fairly generous guidelines on what is appropriate.

I’ve sort of been on holiday for the past three weeks but put some effort into keeping things ticking over here. There’s been a lot of good comment activity. But I haven’t put as much time as usual into keeping an eye on things, and some seem to have taken liberties with less moderation.

Most people respect the aims here most of the time, and I’m grateful for that.

It only takes a small number of people who decide that they want to push the limits and ignore and abuse the guidelines to stuff things up for the rest.

I don’t want to hold everyone’s hands 24/7, and I can’t. So I have to trust you all to respect what I’m providing here. If you breach that trust then there will be consequences.

Unfortunately, because of a few serious transgressions of a few those consequences will effect the many at times.

I won’t make rigid rules because many things can be taken into account, but to prevent things from deteriorating I’m going to tighten up on things.

Images and videos – I allow those because in the main they add to what we have here. But some take things too far. I’ll still allow them in the meantime and see how things go. Don’t try to sneak in attacks on people via images. Some humour is fine, but images that ridicule, disparage or abuse people (that includes other commenters as well as public figures) and images or videos that appear to be trying to deliberately offend or inflame are not acceptable.

Name calling – this has crept in again and needs to be wound back. When referring to public figures use people’s real names – nicknames and common variations may be allowed but names used to disparage and abuse people are not acceptable. When referring to other commenters use their pseudonyms – small tweaks and mild digs using names may seem harmless, but they make identification difficult for casual and occasional readers, and they too easily progress to more derogatory and abusive naming.

Personal abuse – this detracts from points arguments, and if mild abuse is allowed it inevitably deteriorates as others think that it is acceptable, and some who should know better abuse leniency.

Generalising – please minimise generalisations. Not all lefties or righties or conservatives or socialists or liberals are the same. Not all Christians or Catholics or priests or Muslims or whatever are the same so again, don’t dump on everyone for the sins of a few. So don’t dump on a wide group unless it is justifiable.

Provocations – personal provocations are usually obvious enough. Don’t do it. They detract from decent discussion and too easily escalate. I also want to make an issue of large scale provocations. If you want to try to precipitate riots or revolutions or crusades or jihads or wars or whatever then don’t do it here. The outcomes of division and conflict and war is pretty much never nice, so I want to discourage it.

Moderation – as much as possible I do what moderation I think is reasonable and appropriate for what we have established here. It will be uneven and imperfect – the alternative is clearly defined and strict rules, and I prefer to avoid that. I’ll listen to reasonable complaints, but defying or snarky or whiny responses to moderation edits and deletions won’t help your case.

Strong arguments and robust debate are welcome, but stick to issues and stick to specifics as much as possible.

The success of Your NZ is reliant on the cooperation of the regulars who contribute, on the whole, very well. We need joint responsibility to maintain a decent forum.

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  1. lucher1948

     /  14th January 2017


  2. lucher1948

     /  14th January 2017

    Im sorry for causing offence to my fellow posters…one can get carried away at times…enjoy your weekend

  3. Gezza

     /  14th January 2017

    Ok. That all seems fair PG. Can I still say El Trumpo & Mr Bow Tie at appropriate times or are these no no’s now? I always mean them humourously.

    • I said there are no set rules and some leeway is possible, but will depend on context, frequency and my perception of intent.

      Humour is a useful part of discussion. Derogatory name calling should be avoided. Trying to dress abuse up as humour is still abuse and not advised.

      • Gezza

         /  14th January 2017

        I am taking it that bonehead is probably not a good one for me to try when referring to other posters. I am happy to rely on your guidance & take your point.

        I think your moderation is pretty good considering the passion with which some posters (and one in particular who never admits he’s wrong when gets back from walking the dogs) express themselves, and this is the wittiest forum I’ve come across.

        • Conspiratoor

           /  14th January 2017

          Second that G, this is not a place for fragile egos. For wit and entertainment value though, it has no equal. And I do enjoy it when one of the good guys lands a haymaker. You’ve landed a few on Sir Al lately so well done. Cheers,c

          • Alan Wilkinson

             /  14th January 2017

            Whenever my wife sees me grinning at the screen she knows I’m on this blog and probably ribbing G. When did I get the gong, C? I didn’t notice it in the New Year’s papers.

  4. I like this site, it’s my first port of call every morning. It doesn’t have too many rules, have you ever read all the way through WhaleOil’s? There are not too many ultra-personal attacks, like at The Standard. Pete researches his own topics, and writes at length, unlike WhaleOil which apart from Spanish Bride consists mainly of snarky non-linked articles from sites the blogger professes to hate. (That said, WO has it’s place as a collater of interesting viewpoints.) YourNZ is unique in that it successfully crosses the left/right divide, unlike KiwiBlog and The Daily Blog (which I also frequent) and it has very little apparent moderation. And while I don’t come specifically for the chitchat, I accept it as part of being community. In short, I like it here, please don’t wreck it 🙂

  5. Jeeves

     /  17th January 2017

    Just for the record- when I end comments relating to WOBH, Slater, or any of his feral friends- with the word FILTH,
    it is as a descriptor, not a moniker.


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