How political is the Thiel attention?

The uber attention over Peter Thiel’s citizenship continued unabated today. How political is it?

Thiel was granted New Zealand residency in 2006 under the Clark government, and was then granted citizenship in 2011 under a National government.

It’s no surprise to me that a rich person willing to invest in New Zealand was granted citizenship, I thought this was one of the aims of our immigration policy.

So what’s the issue? Thiel hasn’t done anything wrong as far as I’m aware.

Except perhaps some see wrong in his support of Donald Trump. Is that why he is getting this much attention?  If Thiel hadn’t had any connections to trump will anyone have cared?

If he had donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign would there be the same level of jumping up and down in angst over…over what exactly?

If New Zealand seeks and encourages rich investors to immigrate and to get citizenship it’s not good at all if some individuals who do get involved here and invest significantly if they are then are given a massive going over by media and by opposition politicians.

Unless there’s actually been something demonstrably wrong about what has happened this all seems quite petty.

We the public should see some transparency over our policy of granting citizenship in general terms.

But getting on a bash wagon over individuals who have been legitimately granted citizenship and have done nothing wrong is very poor form.

Of particular concern is discrimination on political grounds, if that’s what is happening.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  26th January 2017

    Of course it is political. It’s just another facet of TDS overflowing back to NZ mainly via the Lefty media and politicians.

  2. So this guy is an uber venture capitalist. And one thing NZ lacks is VC’s with a good understanding of risk and pockets deep enough to back new ventures

    He has a connection to NZ business via one of his companies [Valar Ventures] investment in Xero Limited.

    If he has a stake here and wants the bolt hole citizenship – so what. As long as he is injecting funds into the NZ economy I see no issue.

    The left love KDC – he got in because of MONEY, given though he had a dodgy past including convictions.

    He says he supports Trump and the obedient little attack dogs run in to try and cause a problem.

    What a non story, what a joke, how typical of the Left wing activist cabal in the Labour, Greens, their “consultants” and their mates in the media. Dirty Politics? NO! Because its cover in the sanctimonious cloak of Social Justice

  3. The issue is, “Normally someone had to spend more than 70 percent of their time in New Zealand over five years before they could apply …” Thiel appears not to have fulfilled this requirement?

    And, “Mr Guy, who was the internal affairs minister at the time, said Mr Thiel was granted citizenship under a provision of the Citizenship Act that stated it would be “in the public interest due to exceptional circumstances of a humanitarian or other nature …

    Internal Affairs said in a statement it did not usually discuss individual citizenship details, but “there is sufficient public interest in Mr Peter Thiel to warrant comment” … It would respond to further questions about Mr Thiel under Official Information Act (OIA) guidelines …”

    We should find out in 20 days or less the exact grounds for granting Thiel citizenship.

    This is a matter of “transparency”, something the Right dearly love …. that’s all … So unless transparency is “political” … What’s the problem?'exceptional-circumstances'-behind-peter-thiel-citizenship

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  26th January 2017

      What’s the problem? Simply a blatant and gratuitous invasion of personal privacy for no good reason. Reportedly Thiel has been coming to NZ for 20 years. Obviously there are no serious grounds to challenge his citizenship other than some bureaucratic invention. Disgraceful.

      • Or political-bureaucratic INTERVENTION … Disgraceful …

        We shall see. Its about transparency. Grounds for granting citizenship (or citizenshop) should be public domain unless a person is in witness protection or there’s some other good reason for protecting or changing their identity …

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  26th January 2017

          Grant of citizenship in special cases
          (1)Without limiting anything in section 8, the Minister may, upon application in the prescribed manner, authorise the grant of New Zealand citizenship to any person

          (c) if the Minister is satisfied that granting a certificate of New Zealand citizenship to the applicant would be in the public interest because of exceptional circumstances of a humanitarian or other nature relating to the applicant;

          Citizenship Act 1977.

          It’s crystal clear the Minister is empowered to grant Thiel citizenship and the reason for doing so is equally crystal clear. There is no justification for your demand for additional transparency and invasion of his privacy.

          • Very selective Alan … borderline confirmation bias …

            It all hinges on “exceptional circumstances of a humanitarian or other nature relating to the applicant” Alan, and the reason for granting Thiel citizenship certainly is NOT crystal clear to me …

            Clearly it wasn’t humanitarian, so what was the “other nature” do you think?

            Only a reading of Section 8 puts your Section 9 into perspective …


            • patupaiarehe

               /  27th January 2017

              ‘Calm your farm’ please PZ, no laws have been broken! I suspect that the ‘filthy rich buggers’ who choose to live here, would prefer not to ‘rest on their laurels’. Why not buy a vineyard, full of ripe grapes… Obviously the rich fellow can’t harvest his crop alone…. So he employs some help… How he treats ‘the help’, is the real measure of a man….

            • And that we’ve let so many of them do this is the measure of us patupaiarehe …

  4. Strong For Life

     /  26th January 2017

    It is another media beat-up by complicit Labour-leaning media. Thiel supported Trump so he is fair game in their eyes. Disgraceful.


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