Bill English needs to sharpen up

The rapidly changing situation over the last few days regarding US immigration shows the futility of the jumping up and down and issuing feel-good statements demanded of the New Zealand Prime Minister.

Political and legal people in the US are going hammer and tongs and our wee country has no relevance to them at all.

However Bill English needs to sharpen up quickly. The best way to avoid a cacophony of demands and criticisms is to front foot things. His failure to say anything for most of Monday on what was obviously a big international issue made his belated minimal mumbles look not very good.

The Prime Minister should not have to make a rapid response retort to every activist demand, but if he gets in quick with a reasoned position he will pre-empt some of the bubble babble.

He needs to sharpen up his act, even when he’s a very minor player on the world stage.

He needs the practice dealing with things that aren’t big deals for New Zealand, so he is honed into acting quickly and decisively when appropriate.

Clamming up for a few hours is not a habit he should get into.

Being seen to say not much is better than saying nothing.


  1. Hello Prime Minister, is there anyone there? I have now sent 3 emails to you and no response! If you do not have the wit to understand that National is losing votes wholesale, then resign.

    • PDB

       /  January 31, 2017

      Is this your Cam Slater impersonation? Sounds like him.

  2. lurcher1948

     /  January 31, 2017

    Now if they had been JEWS and not muslums banned our devout catholic PM Bill English “he who says nothing”would have been jumping up and down with joy …just saying

    [Comments like this don’t give me any confidence in returning free rein for commenting …just saying. PG]

    • Gezza

       /  February 1, 2017

      No use lobbing grenades against reactive armour Lurch. Change of tactics recommended.

  3. Meh – English doesn’t need to front foot american domestic policy. Because that is what it was. It has nothing to do with NZ if America decides to put travel between 7 war torn countries and the States on hold while the States works out what its visa requirements and vetting processes will be for people inbound from those countries.

    A politicised press making a song and dance – not stating what the crux of the matter was and emphasizing repetitively issues caused by unintended outcomes, snafus and poor execution by the admin staff putting policy in place.

    it just plain ott and crazy the way the losers, including the US Mainstream Media, of the presidential election are behaving. Pick apart the policy with out the emotive words like dictator and nazi every breath, because all that does is confirm to the vote in Ohio, Michigan and the rest of the non coastal states that the Donald is doing what he said he would do and the Washington insiders and supporters are spitting the dummy – which strengthens Trump.

    i note one blogger in NZ keeps using the Germany 1930/Nazi motif to criticise Trump then gets all pissy when people say he is being silly comparing Trump to Adolf….. its funny and typical scholastic style debate that the Left have descend into

  4. I agree with dave 1924 word for word. The dangerous states Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Yemen. Somalia, and Sudan were all listed by the Islamobama regime . Only Islamobama who droipped 100,000 bombs during his presidency did not have the nouse to limit Immigration. The virtue signal pyjama boys, and the MSM, will be screaming and singing every day for eight years. I don’t rtead newspapers anuy more and my TV is a monitor for real information. from the laptop.