State of the campaign launch

Labour and Greens promoted Sunday’s event as joint ‘State of the Nation’ speeches from Andrew Little and Metiria Turei.

Mickysavage is more accurate at The Standard: The Labour Green 2017 campaign launch

Yesterday’s joint Labour Green state of the nation event was effectively a campaign launch for the 2017 election. And it went well.

It was clearly a campaign launch. It wasn’t about the state of the nation at all.

It was about the state of Bill English and the Government – crap.

And it was about the state of the Labour/Green union – fantastic.

it was all about their aims to change the government, but giving scant idea of what the proposed replacement government would look like.

Of course a lot depends on whether Labour in particular can grow their support between now and the election. To look like a credible lead party they really need to increase their support from the mid to high twenties to the mid to high thirties.

Unless Greens pick up the floating votes and increase their support to the 15-20% range, something they would really like to do, somehow avoiding decimating Labour too much because they need them to make it into power.

Mickysavage describes the campaign launch:

I attended the joint Labour-Green state of the Nation launch yesterday in Mt Albert and it was impressive.

It was a very comfortable event. There were many, many Auckland Labour activists in attendance. And there were many, many Green activists as well. I have spent a fair bit of time campaigning with both and to have them all in the same room at the same time was a very enjoyable experience.

It is clear that the senior staffers in both parties have put a great deal of planning and effort into the launch and it worked well.

it sounds like it did work well for the parties, the party leaders, and the party activists and members who attended.

The important thing will be whether it works well in the all important polls. Will the public warm to Labour-greens as a combined entity? We are yet to find that out, but there is no sign yet of it being the game changer that some hoped when it was first launched over half a year ago.

So the parties’ future are now linked.  In the past couple of elections suggestions by Russell Norman late in the campaign that the Greens could go with National in my opinion have hurt both Labour and the Greens.  The last time the parties campaigned together was in 2005, the last time that a progressive Government was elected.  Hopefully this year will repeat that event.

Is that a Freedian slip?

While Labour and Greens may have campaigned together in 2005, and successfully thwarted Don Brash and National, it didn’t turn out so well for the Greens.

Labour did a deal with Winston Peters that shut the greens out of government. A joint campaign ended up in Green pain.

This campaign launch joins Labour and Greens closer than ever – and Labour is in a much weaker position (they got 41.10% in 2005), and Greens have doubled their support from 5.3%.

The state of the campaign launch was good for the two parties.

The state of the election is what counts, and that will determine the state of the relationship when it comes to trying to form the next government.

I think the state of the response at The Standard is interesting. The Labour-Green-left supporting blog is hardly buzzing with enthusiasm. both comment numbers and comments seem to be relatively muted compared to past election campaigns.

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  1. unitedtribes2

     /  31st January 2017

    If I supported Labour I would be more than concerned that some of the Greens wacky ideas were adopted by a L + G Government. The Greens would have similar worries. If these two parties identified the policies of each that were most popular with the voting public and allocated these as joint policy in advance. And if they likewise dropped the most frightening ones, they might pick up more support from outside.

  2. Gezza

     /  31st January 2017

    I don’t see how they are going to huild their support much with no new policy, msm tv media disinterest & what looks like a continuation of the last couple of years’ strategies which have been ineffective except maybe at rarking the National Coalition into ‘doing things’ about emergency housing – but even then that seemed to more the media poking at them than Labour.

  3. PDB

     /  31st January 2017

    Labour – Greens making big plans for a new govt and conveniently forgetting they need Winston to get over the line. If people think Winston is going to prop up an underwhelming Labour-Greens govt when he could instead be a far more influential figure in a National-NZL First govt then I’ve got a bridge or two to sell them.

  4. “The Labour-Green-left supporting blog is hardly buzzing with enthusiasm. both comment numbers and comments seem to be relatively muted compared to past election campaigns.”

    It’s all very well to have happy clappy staged events this far out of an election, but I’m sure the various loyalists at TS would like to know some bottom lines. If people see their values compromised too much they’d probably rather not vote. Missing million anyone!

    • PDB

       /  31st January 2017

      They should just be honest with us – they have two policies that cures all ails;

      *Take more money from taxpayers.
      *Give more money to non-taxpayers (or non-‘net’ taxpayers).

  5. PDB, maybe that should be “take money from those who earn it” and “give more money to those who do not contribute to earnings”?


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