The Alternative Maori Party?

The Green Party used to be known as an alternative party promoting environmental betterment and social goodness.

Under Metiria Turei’s leadership it is putting a lot more emphasis on Maori things.

Yesterday on Facebook:

Top of the billing is the Treaty of Waitangi, something not mentioned by Andrew Little at all in his ‘state of the nation’ speech last week.

In the past Turei and the Greens have only used electorate contests to push hard for the all important party vote, but their are signs of that changing, with Julie Anne Genter having a testing the waters in the Mt Albert by-election, and Chloe Swarbrick challenging to contest Auckland Central saying she wants to win an electorate.

Turei is switching from a quite un-Maori electorate, Dunedin North (where she has been very successful at growing Green support), to the Te Tai Tonga electorate.

I suspect that given her increasing emphasis on Maori she fancies winning a Maori seat.

Are the Greens morphing into an alternative Maori Party?

Labour seems to think it deserves Maori votes due to historical electoral habits, but the Maori vote looks like being hotly contested with five parties with the Maori Party, Mana, Greens and Labour all competing for traditional Maori votes, plus  Winston Peters and Shane Jones looking like going hard out in Northland as well.


  1. So, is David Seymour’s platform of ‘End of Life Choice’ an attempt to win votes from a) The elderly b) only non-religious elderly c) terminally-ill people d) all athiests or e) the deceased?

    Irregardless of the fact the Maori vote is already split by the very nature of Maori seats and the Maori electoral roll – which one could argue is both tokenism AND a form of exclusion – the sad outcome of all major Parties vying for it can only be the further fractionation of the Maori vote.

    Does anyone believe the politicians DON’T know this?

    Okay, we also know that Parties have colluded to expedite certain electoral outcomes, the most notable example being National & ACT in Epsom.

    Evidently the Parties have decided NOT to collude about the Maori vote, which is less than 15% of the voting population. A fractionated percentage of 15% ain’t gonna get no-one nowhere …

    Sensibly then, it’s just possible that Te Tiriti o Waitangi is top of The Green Party’s list of VALUES because they really believe in upholding it …?

    • Gezza

       /  February 5, 2017

      Unless you are planning to claim this as one of your new words, there is no such word as irregardless. You want either regardless or irrespective. I once had to edit half an entire operational policy from a semi-literate BA contractor who sprinkled this word about liberally throughout her drafts before anyone stopped her, before the time when we could us a computer to do a global search & replace, & by the time I had finished scoring irritated double lines through them al, I could have had her taken out the back & shot.

      • Gezza

         /  February 5, 2017

        PS: towards the end of that … us = use, and al = all.

        Apologies. Seeing that word again stressed me out & brought back the full horror of that job & stressed me out all over again. There were 10 chapters, multiple offences, & some of them were very cleverly hidden. It was a terrible experience. Dreadful. 🤕

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  February 5, 2017

          I feel for you, G. That must have been a fair while ago, though, but you still carry the scars.

          • Gezza

             /  February 5, 2017

            This lady went on maternity leave from a policy unit Alan. They paid her to draft all these policy chapters & gave me the job of checking & correcting them. It was decades ago now, but how she ever got a job in a policy is utterly beyond me. Probably a BA in geography or something. Nice lady but ….

            I have never before seen so many thousands of words put together in such a completely chaotic thought pattern & hope I never ever do again. Every one of her endless multitude of long-winded paragraphs that contained the non-word “irregardless” was utterly redundant anyway. In the end, just to keep my then-luscious long, wavy, dark brown locks, I simply rewrote all 10 chapters myself. It was quicker.

            My final products were about 1/3rd as long as her confusing, repeating series of word explosions, & nobody using my manual ever had to ask me “what in god’s name does this even mean ?” God, the time I wasted at the start, trying to edit her stuff, slash out all the dribble, move paragraphs around trying to put them in some sort of sequence remotely approaching logic – only to find it was taking days & still wasn’t making any sense. It was quicker to just go to the policy manager & say, “look, just give the Cabinet Papers, FFS – let me write the policy manual – it’s quicker than rewriting the bloody thing !”

            She went on to have two more children & decided to do something else, thank goodness. Was a good lesson though. Never wasted time on edits after that. Just rewrote rubbish & gave it back to drafters & said “next time – like that!”

    • Gezza

       /  February 5, 2017

      But just ignoring that little deviation, yes I think that Metiria is pushing very strongly to position the Greens as a challenger for the Maori vote, in both the General & Maori seats.
      But as PZ says, many of the Greens’ values are consistent with those of many Maori, so why not?

      I do wonder why they were missing in action on the Kermadecs Sanctuary though.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  February 5, 2017

    Given low Maori turnout and lots of competition they might not need many votes to win a seat. Need to solve the problems of covering the big electorates though.

  3. Zedd

     /  February 5, 2017

    If the Greens want to move beyond the 10-15% party vote, that they have effectively relied on in previous elections.. they really need to try to win at least ONE electorate seat.

    Maybe the maori-green MPs. (Metiria etc.) think the maori seats are a better chance, to do so, than winning a ‘general seat’ ?

    Go Greens !!

    • Zedd

       /  February 5, 2017

      I heard Jeanette F. won once in Coromandel.. so they can do it 🙂

      • Brown

         /  February 5, 2017

        Yes J did win a seat but she was respectful, an environmentalist first and Marxist second. Reverse that and a seat is much harder to win.

        • @ Zedd – I think what Brown’s trying to say is Jeanette was respectable and White? She was inseparably an environmentalist and a social-values democrat or in other words very easy to falsely label a ‘Marxist’ … that kind of thing …

          “Fitzsimons’ first entry into politics was as a candidate for the Values Party, an early environmentalist based political party. She was its energy spokesperson from 1977 to 1982, and stood as a candidate in the 1978 election and the 1981 election. When the Values Party merged with a number of other groups to form the modern Green Party, Fitzsimons became an active member of the new organization.” – Wiki

          She was an MP from 1996 – 2010 for the Alliance and as co-leader of the Greens.

          Few better people have occupied a seat in the Beehive …

          Turei’s all right … its just that she’s brown … big hurdle to overcome in this country …

          I exercised great restraint in the spelling of that word …

          • Alan Wilkinson

             /  February 5, 2017

            Jeanette wasn’t a Marxist. She was a “think global, act local” activist. You could call it decentralised communism but without any of the extremism.

            • PDB

               /  February 5, 2017

              PZ: “Turei’s all right … its just that she’s brown … big hurdle to overcome in this country …”

              Don’t try to infect us with your ‘White Guilt’ PZ, after all you have plenty to burn for the rest of us and a seemingly endless supply of race cards to play.

              Nothing to do with ‘colour’ – Turei is not the full quid, economically illiterate, and comes across as a condescending hypocrite. I can see why you like her.

          • Gezza

             /  February 5, 2017

            @ Brown

            “@ Zedd – I think what Brown’s trying to say is Jeanette was respectable and White?”

            PZ reckons he’s pretty good at explaining what others REALLY meant. You strike me as someone who says what he means, and not something else.

            So, I’m curious. Is PZ correct here? Is what he says above what you were trying to say?

            • PDB

               /  February 5, 2017

              Gezza: Though you didn’t ask me (and Brown will probably confirm) but I think it is obvious what Brown was saying, and it wasn’t to do with colour.

              Brown: “Yes J did win a seat but she was respectful, an environmentalist first and Marxist second. Reverse that and a seat is much harder to win”.

              Meaning: Turei is disrespectful, a Marxist first and an environmentalist second.

              PZ should stick to reading tea leaves……or at the very least stop categorizing everybody as a racist.

            • Gezza

               /  February 5, 2017

              PZ should stop telling commenters or anybody else what they REALLY mean. Its rude, arrogant, & usually wrong. If he wants to know what they really mean, he should #%!%!! ask.

            • PDB

               /  February 5, 2017

              Fake news is all the rage don’t you know?

            • PDB

               /  February 5, 2017


            • Oh, I see … So its alright for Brown to call her a “Marxist”, isn’t it, when clearly she wasn’t one … isn’t one …?

              And believe me, Alan would know …

              The big backlash reeks of “condescending hypocrisy” to me … and thanks anyway for the feedback PDB …

            • PDB

               /  February 6, 2017

              “Marxism. Marxism is a political, social, and economic philosophy derived from the work of the 19th-century historians Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It views human history as a struggle between social classes and asserts that capitalism is inherently exploitative.”

              How is she not practising Marxist ideals?

            • For every poison there’s an antidote PDB …

              “Commentator Sunny Hundal, writing for The Guardian, stated that it is “reductionist” to assign political opinions to a collective guilt such as “white guilt” and that few people on the left actually hold the views being ascribed to them by the conservative writers who expound on the concept of “white guilt” and its implications.

              Hundal concludes: “Not much annoys me more than the stereotype that to be liberal is to be full of guilt. To be socially liberal, in my view, is to be more mindful of compassion and empathy for others.”

            • @ PDB – “How is she not practising Marxist ideals?”

              I don’t have time to research and answer a leading question after all you’ve posted is the definition of a word PDB.

              You tell me how she IS practising Marxist ideals? [assuming you mean Turei?]

            • PDB

               /  February 6, 2017

              PZ: “stated that it is “reductionist” to assign political opinions to a collective guilt such as “white guilt”

              Nothing ‘collective’ about it, I’m just calling YOU out personally as a ‘white guilt’ practitioner……..with relevant supporting evidence to do so.

              Love to chat further about this subject but I’m going to leave this ‘old’ discussion at that.

            • Yep, you leave it PDB, without citing any “relevant supporting evidence” …

              Oh but PDB, your selective quote edited out-of-context from Hundal continues, ” … few people on the left actually hold the views being ascribed to them”. I’m NOT one of the few …

              So … Treaty Settlements … are they ‘White Guilt’ or ‘White Responsibility’?

  4. pdm

     /  February 5, 2017

    Zedd -the Greens will have co-electorate mps. Therefore covering the electorates will be easy for them.

  5. Zedd

     /  February 5, 2017

    Im just glad to see the effective end of ‘two-party’ politics (FPP) in NZ. The more the merrier.

    The recent election in USA, just proves; FPP is ‘past-its-useby-date !’

    • So-called ‘Parliamentary Democracy’ as we know it, with its Party system and especially its ‘political footballs’, is long past its use-by date …