Minister of Police on cannabis use

This could be seen as remarkable from the Minister of Police:

It may take a while to swing the National caucus into modern world thinking on cannabis use but their new generation – recently Nikki Kaye also expressed support at least for medicinal cannabis – will gradually take over.

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  1. Conspiratoor

     /  6th February 2017

    This country has enough non-contributing zombies without fostering more. Our politicians are stupid but they are not too stupid to follow the dutch example

    Legalise THC for pain relief, under strict controls if you must Nikki, but it must remain a restricted drug. If you allow it to be grown commercially you are on a slippery slope. Enterprising dutch growers have pushed the THC level from 3 to 5% up to 35% (Nederwiet)

    So after 40 years how does the Narcotics Capital of Europe view their flirtation with cannabis…

    “Probably 70 percent of the cannabis now puffed in Holland’s 1,500 coffee shops is Nederwiet. The result? “We see more and more people getting into trouble with cannabis,” acknowledges Dr. J. A. Wallenberg, the director of the Jellinek Clinic, Holland’s best-known drug abuse rehabilitation center. “We have indulged ourselves in a kind of blind optimism in Holland concerning cannabis. [Use of] this stronger THC cannabis has stabilized at too high a level. We see young users with psychological problems who use it as a form of self-medication. It can and does produce a chronically passive individual … someone who is lazy, who doesn’t want to take initiatives, doesn’t want to be active–the kid who’d prefer to lie in bed with a joint in the morning rather than getting up and doing something.”

    Insoluble in water, THC is absorbed by the fatty tissues of the body and brain and retained for longer than either alcohol or nicotine. Hence its debilitating effects–short-term memory loss, diminished learning capacity, and lessened motor skills–remain with heavy smokers for much longer than they may realize. The consequence, Ashton notes, is that “cannabis, in this new, more potent form, is not the benign product advocates would have us believe. It may not be a hard drug, but ‘soft’ this new stuff most certainly is not. We now see a tendency toward a form of dependency among those who use it regularly.”

  2. My better half discussed the Guns and Roses concert with a lady friend the morning after the Wellington show. She says her friend complained of feeling “heady” and worn out and blamed it on the huge amount of smoke she inhaled second hand. She confirmed that it was marijuana smoke, and said she had never experienced such an amount of it.

  3. @ PG – ” … their [National’s] new generation – recently Nikki Kaye also expressed support at least for medicinal cannabis – will gradually take over.”

    Glaciers eventually make their way to rivers and the sea too PG … while generations of people come and go, and suffer medically … and suffer injustice at the hands of their own governments …

  4. Now that Mr. ‘just say no to drugs’ Key has gone.. the Nats may just get into the 21st century; particularly with Med-use. Its time for them to get with the program & stop just looking for B-S excuses to remain with the status quo/misinfo. ie effective ZERO-TOLERANCE 😦

    I recently read that Australia, is set to commence broad clinical trials for cancer patients, epilepsy etc.
    Israel is about to pass laws to broaden research & even export therapeutic products/extracts. They are also looking at rec-use too.

    Aotearoa/NZ needs to collectively pull heads out & face their outdated HYSTERIA.. the sky will not fall NOR will we all go insane & turn into Heroin addicts, if cannabis is legally regulated.

    btw; I seriously doubt Paula & many of the Nats (<60) haven't inhaled.. even if they claimed otherwise. This is the main roadblock.. POLITICS V truth/reality.

  5. crow

     /  21st February 2017

    so how come the government have used cannabis n there drugs satevax
    guess its ok for some and not for others

  6. crow

     /  21st February 2017

    what ever happened to equilty or is that word just so feminists can get there way or other left wing parties can get there way
    ur do far left ull never be right that’s my saying pass it on


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