Media watch – Saturday

11 February 2017


Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media.

A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy.

A general guideline – post opinion on or excerpts from and links to blog posts or comments of interest, whether they are praise, criticism, pointing out issues or sharing useful information.

As usual avoid anything that could cause any legal issues such as potential defamation or breaching suppression orders. Also remember that keeping things civil, legal and factual is more effective and harder to argue against or discredit.

Sometimes other blogs get irate if their material is highlighted elsewhere but the Internet is specifically designed to share and repeat information and anyone who comments or puts anything into a public forum should be aware that it could be republished elsewhere (but please include attribution).

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  1. Anonymous Coward

     /  11th February 2017

    Faced with $41 million of benefit fraud MSD spends $49.5 million to reduce it by $17 million to $24 million. And people think beneficiaries are bad with their money.–why-is-one-dealt-with-more-harshly-by-courts

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  11th February 2017

      Tax avoidance is stealing your own money. Benefit fraud is stealing other people’s. Aside from that the cost/benefit calculation has to look at the ongoing savings vs expenditure rather than a one off comparison. Much of the tax avoidance data probably relates to companies rather than single individuals as well and it looks as though those numbers result from reassessments rather than court actions so I doubt it is a like for like comparison.

      That said, MSD has to handle people properly and not unfairly or unduly harshly.

  2. NOEL

     /  11th February 2017

    The headline said tax avoidance but the article compares tax evasion.
    The former is the reduction of tax to pay by using the legal methods allowed by Inland Revenue. No sure how its “stealing your own money”.
    Tax evasion is a crime.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  11th February 2017

      The Commissioner now has the power to declare any form of tax avoidance to be tax evasion. There is no meaningful distinction any longer.

      Stopping IRD from stealing your money is effectively stealing your own money.

  3. Missy

     /  12th February 2017

    An uncorroborated report out of US suggests Putin is ready to make a deal with the US to return Snowden. If true, I would say Putin has got all the intelligence out of Snowden he is going to.


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