Deborah Russell to stand for Labour in New Lynn

Labour have selected Deborah Russell to stand for them in New Lynn over several local contenders. Russell announced her intention last year and moved to Auckland from Palmerston North. Several local candidates stood against her but she prevailed.

Russell stood in Rangitikei in 201, losing to National’s Ian McKelvie by over 10,000 votes.

Russell would probably be good for Labour if she gets into Parliament, but there’s likely to be some very unhappy Labour members in New Lynn after an outsider has been parachuted in to probably the seat after David Cunliffe’s exit.

NZ Herald: Deborah Russell to stand in New Lynn

Deborah Russell has been announced as the Labour Party’s candidate to contest the New Lynn electorate in the general election.

Russell, a tax expert from Massey University, will replace the outgoing David Cunliffe from the traditionally safe Labour seat.

Russell was seen as an outsider in the bid to be Labour’s candidate, but had the support of the party’s hierarchy.

The ‘party hierarchy’ also prevailed with an outsider over a local candidate in the Hutt South selection.

There has been a lot of controversy this week over Andrew Little recruiting Willie Jackson with a promise of a high list placing.

The announcement was made by Labour’s general secretary Andrew Kirton on Twitter this afternoon.

Russell previously told the Herald there were difficulties in trying to get the selection as an outsider, but she was contacting party members in New Lynn to try to secure support and had promised to move into the electorate if selected.

“I’m making sure I’m familiar with the issues here, but I’m also promoting myself as someone who can operate successfully on a national stage as well.”

One of Russell’s first tasks will be to win the support of the electorate Labourites. She stood against Greg Presland who had been Cunliffe’s electorate chairperson.

This is likely to be contentious at The Standard where Presland is an author.

Someone unwilling to identify themselves has posted Deborah Russell for New Lynn:

Senior Lecturer and tax law expert Deborah Russell has won the Labour selection for New Lynn – congratulations! You’re going to make a fantastic MP! Home team candidate Greg would also have made a fine choice, alas that only one of them can represent the electorate.

Early in comments Michael:

An outstanding candidate selected for New Lynn. That’s one seat Labour should retain.

it would be surprising, and catasrtophic for  Labour, if they lost the electorate.

Response by someone from the electorate, Amakiwi:

The Labour caucus learns zero about democracy. What the locals want counts for nothing. OK.

If the caucus don’t need me I don’t need them either. I’ll have a closer look at the Greens.


Ok, those of us in New Lynn have missed out on having an electorate MP that’s on top of local issues and representing those effectively in Parliament, in favour of someone whose expertise is on issues with nationwide effects.

I’m only a little bit disappointed, coz I rate them both very highly.

Rangitikei result 2014

New Lynn result 2014 (Cunliffe won by over four thousand votes but Labour lost the electorate vote to National by over a thousand votes).

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  1. Gezza

     /  12th February 2017

    Tricky call. I’d go with Russell, but I don’t live there so don’t experience the strong emotion about it that the local electorate might have at Presland being passed over. A pity they can’t place her somewhere else. She’s someone who can probably carry an economics debate – I don’t think Robertson can.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  12th February 2017

      Haven’t heard her advocate for anything except more tax.

    • NZ being denied Greg Presland as a MP is a truly terrible thing. It would have been very entertaining – extremely so as all his more interesting blog postings and comments where referred to in the Chamber.

  2. You mean THIS Deborah Russell?

    “Our PM simply doesn’t think that sexual violence is a serious matter. We can see that in the cuts to funding, the refusal to follow through on promises, the “teasing” of vulnerable women, the use of rape-talk as a device to attack the opposition, the refusal to allow women to speak about sexual assault in Parliament.

    If the PM wants to engage in blokey cringey behaviour, well, that’s on him. What I really mind is the lack of action around sexual violence, and the trivialising of sexual violence. Joke all you want, Mr Key, but please, do some serious work as well.”

    It’s clear to me that Ms Russell us as HOLLOW, SHALLOW and HYPOCRITICAL as anyone who isn’t Poto Williams in Labour. I hope the media calls her on this statement and urges her to account for the appointment of Jackson. Chances they will and she will. A big fat zero.

    I’m no identarian leftist, but, an issue like the WJ appointment demands that those within the party stand up to be counted. She is overtly vocal, always got something to say or tweet. Why the silence now? Oh right – she’s getting yet another shot in a safe-ish ( yet quite foreign) seat for her coveted seat in the house.

    Call herself a feminist ? What a joke.

    • Blazer

       /  12th February 2017

      I guess you are in favour of powerful people ,pulling waitress’ ponytails and ….similar behaviour.Shame on you.


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