Labour MP calculator

Here is a Labour MP calculator:

You can use this calculator to simulate the makeup of the NZ Labour caucus post election 2017 depending on various outcomes.

You can tick electorates you think Labour will win (it has most candidates up to date) and enter the percentage of party vote you think they will get. It will then tell you how many list MPS they will get, which is not many at the last election level of 25.13% (4-5).

With Andrew Little and Annette King (if she stands and remains deputy leader) guaranteed top list positions, and with a majority of men of 2-3 likely to hold electorates the top of the list will need to stacked with women to achieve Labour’s aim of gender parity.

This makes it awkward with senior MPs David Parker and Trevor Mallard probably keen on high list places.

With the likely electorate results Labour would need to get about 22% of the vote to ensure Little gets in on the list, and about 23% for King to get in.



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  1. duperez

     /  13th February 2017

    Looks too complicated to me. I think I’ll use Poto Williams’ abacus instead.

  2. Gezza

     /  13th February 2017

    I wouldn’t even attempt to guess what percentage of votes parties will get in September at this point. Labour needs to drag itself out of the mire poll-wise.

  3. I like Labour – the KISS principle is lost on them. Lots of factions, lots quotas to fill. Entertainment always guaranteed and local electorate members be damned…

    • Blazer

       /  13th February 2017

      as opposed to the Natz policy….’kick the can down the road’…let future generations worry about the realities that we are too cowardice to face in case we lose power and cannot enrich our sponsors.

  4. Pete Kane

     /  14th February 2017

    “Two women will vie to be Labour’s Whanganui electorate candidate to contest September’s general election.”
    Helpful – I suppose.

  1. Labour MP calculator – NZ Conservative Coalition

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