English to meet Turnbull

The New Zealand and Australian Prime Ministers will meet in Queenstown today.

Stuff: Time for another ‘pyjama diplomacy’

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should be able to hit the ground running when he meets Bill English for the first time in Queenstown.

During the earlier more formal part of their talks the Christchurch fires will probably be first up for discussion – Australia has already offered help and Turnbull and English will likely discuss what’s needed.

But the leaders will also discuss the vacuum in world trade talks after US President Donald Trump pulled America out of the Trans Pacific Partnership, and regional security.

English will be sounding Turnbull out on ways to keep the TPP alive – including by reaching out to China to take America’s place as an economic super power.

That would make the deal attractive again to the likes of Japan, and could kick start efforts to save it.

And Tracy Watkins: Counting our trans-Tasman blessings

The annual meeting with the Australian Prime Minister is one of the most important events on the New Zealand prime minister’s calendar. Here are eight reasons why.

She lists:

  1. Trans-Tasman travel
  2. When the chips are down, Australia is there for us.
  3. CER
  4. We’ve both got a lot riding on each other’s success
  5. Tourism
  6. We’re family
  7. They’ve got our back (defence)
  8. A shared history


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  1. Brown

     /  17th February 2017

    I think the list at the end is a bit flimsy. The more time I spend in Oz the more I think we are not family – the cultures are quite different. Most Australians are nice people and the country is interesting with nice warn weather but the close relationship is nowadays one of practical economic and social benefits rather than brotherly love.

  2. Noel

     /  17th February 2017

    Softly softly i suspose.
    No threat of enacting reciprocal assistancec to Australians in line NZ with what Kiwis get across the ditch?

  3. Gezza

     /  17th February 2017

    Bill: I had a nice, non-controversial phone chat with The Big Fulla. How did yours go, cobber?

    Malcolm: Shaddup & eat.


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