Controversial US ambassador pick for NZ

Some dismay and concern is being expressed about the person put forward as next US ambassador to New Zealand.

Stuff: ‘It’s an insult!’ Backlash against Trump’s pick for diplomatic post to New Zealand

Donald Trump’s pick to be the next United States ambassador to New Zealand has been labelled an “insult”.

Scott Brown, a former US Senator, is being vetted to become Trump’s representative in New Zealand, according to reports in the Boston Globe.

The 57-year-old supports torture, posed nude for a photoshoot, and was named as having groped and made sexually inappropriate comments towards former Fox News contributor Andrea Tantaros. Brown denies the allegations.

Former US intelligence advisor Paul Buchanan said Brown’s appointment was an “insult”.

“It just shows you what importance we have to the Trump Administration.”

Buchanan said Brown’s support of waterboarding was “very troubling.”

Buchanan said Brown is “not the brightest bulb”, and while he could grow into the job, he was “pretty much useless as a Senator.”

He said that the Senator’s appointment would come as a reward for supporting Trump, because he knows nothing of New Zealand.

Brown has previously said he wants to come here to cycle, but that’s about it, Buchanan said. “It’d be an extended holiday. New Zealand deserves a little bit better, certainly better than this guy.”

‘A little bit better’ may be in short supply.

Brown lost his Senate position in 2014 and has been a contributor for Fox News.

Details at Wikipedia: Scott Brown (politician)

Many picks for ambassadorial positions in the US seem to be personal, political and paybacks rather than diplomatic.

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  1. Nelly Smickers

     /  19th February 2017

    Well I don’t think he’s ‘controversial’…….personally, I reckon he’s an absolute *HOTTY* 😛

  2. NOEL

     /  19th February 2017

    “Many picks for ambassadorial positions in the US seem to be personal, political and paybacks rather than diplomatic.”

    We do better in a lot of positions except the NZ High Commissioner to London.
    Bigger history of political hacks filling that position than MFAT diplomats.

  3. David

     /  19th February 2017

    “Many picks for ambassadorial positions in the US seem to be personal, political and paybacks rather than diplomatic.”

    What do you mean by ‘seem’. Most US ambassadorial positions ARE political place men/women, often secured with big donations. It’s been this way forever in US politics.

    Why do you think a new president is so quick to clean out the previous lot?

  4. David

     /  19th February 2017

    Just to add, the previous US Ambassador, Mark Gilbert is a baseballer who was then a fundraiser for the DNC, then Obama. He got his slot by raising several million for Obama.

    Political payback.

  5. NOEL

     /  19th February 2017

    I should have added the real power in a US Embassy is the Minister-Counselors, Counselors, and First Secretaries. If the Ambassadors a tosser there is plenty of fall back.

  6. David

     /  19th February 2017

    We gave the Poms Lockwood Smith who has had some pretty unusual views way back in the past, hell we gave the Americans Mike Moore who used to be and anti war socialist. The media are just getting way to morally superior in that tried and true leftie fashion where as 95% of the population cares nothing more than its in our interests to get on with the US. Who the hell does the editor of a tiny and shrinking newspaper think he is to start calling for us to reject a diplomatic appointment, tosser.

  7. It is mere speculation still. The comments I have read from the US indicate that NZ is just one of a number of possibilities. The value of a Presidential appointee lies in the personal relationship the Ambassador has with the President who has trust in the advice he gets, rather than having to rely on a professional public servant. I would contest the real power being in the hands of the diplomatic staff, just read some of the cables in Wikileaks to get examples of where Ambassadors have replaced inadequate performers for cause. Yes the professionals are trained to be approachable and how to keep their cool, and are selected from the cream of the academic crop. but they are all humans and have their personal problems like any of us. They do command respect until they lose it by their own actions.

  8. You mean people still read meaningless ‘Stuff’ .


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