English on Peters


Seems to be a thing in media today to check out Bill English’s views on how National might work with Winston Peters after the election.

In the latest Colmar Brunton poll National were on 46% and NZ First remain high for them this far out from the election on 11%.

That’s a pragmatic position to take at this stage of election year.

1 News: ‘No’ – Bill English stands firm on chances of a pre-election deal with Winston

Prime Minister Bill English says there is no chance of pre-election talks with Winston Peters, but if New Zealanders want Mr Peters in Parliament, National will work with him.

There’s very likely to be no chance Peters would have pre-election talks with any other party, at least not that the public would find out about.

New Zealanders get to say who they want in Parliament but they don’t get to say who they want in Government. That is left to party wheeling and dealing after the election.

Mr English, speaking this morning to TVNZ’s Breakfast programme, said there had been speculation around Mr Peters’ role at the last few elections, but National is not looking to make a deal if he becomes kingmaker.

“He’s signalled it’s unlikely with him either,” Mr English said.

That’s confusing (from 1 News).

However, should voters put him into Parliament, Mr English said National is quite capable of working with him.

“If you needed to, you can work with anyone if that’s what the voters tell you is needed for stable government, and the way the world is, I think that’s what is needed here,” Mr English said.

So English is leaving his options open, as he needs to do.

I think that English may be more likely to try to do a coalition deal with Peters if that is what is required to form the next government.

Key would have more easily walked away from an unpalatable arrangement – perhaps this is what he has done.

But English will presumably be keen to be Prime Minister with an election mandate. He is currently a party appointed mid term replacement.

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  1. NZ First will take 17% votes in the election

    • That can only be a rough stab or perhaps wishful thinking at this stage.

      In the past NZ First has tended to poll low mid-term and surge in election campaigns.

      This term has been different, NZ First has kept polling quite high. I think it’s impossible to know whether they will climb significantly higher during the campaign or not. They may just have kept support through the term this time.

    • Nelly Smickers

       /  20th February 2017

      I’m with Paul ❗ Funnily enuff, we were discussing this last night. Wayne’s mum and all her friends at the Remuera Bridge Club believe it will be just like the *second coming* of Trump XD

      They’re getting caps and t-shirts made with *MNZGA – Winnie will get us out of the Pooh*

  2. Gezza

     /  20th February 2017

    Typical Bill English. Cool, calm & collected. I reckon he’s our next PM, whatever arrangements end up being worked out.

  1. English on Peters – NZ Conservative Coalition

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