Maori/Mana party deal

The Maori and Mana parties have announced a deal that will remain in place up until the election on 23 September.

Hone Harawira will stand in Te Tai Tokerai again (Labour’s Kelvin Davis one the electorate off Harawira in 2014), and the Maori Party won’t stand a candidate there.

And Mana won’t stand a candidate against the Maori party in any of the other 6 Maori electorates (one held by Te Ururoa Flavell, the rest held by Labour).

Both parties can still campaign for the party vote and criticise each other’s policies but won’t be allowed to attack each other’s candidates.

This looks like a good deal for the Maori Party, with Mana seemingly intent on putting much of their effort into taking Te Tai Tokerau back again and perhaps picking up a list seat or two through party vote.

This seems a fairly realistic and pragmatic approach.

RNZ: Māori and Mana parties sign deal to work together

Annoucing the deal in Whangārei this morning, Māori Party president Tukoroirangi Morgan blamed Māori disunity for gifting the Māori seats to Labour in 2014.

He said it was time to bring all the seats home to kaupapa Māori parties, so they could hold the balance of power in Parliament and ensure a strong voice in government, regardless of which major party ruled.

Mr Morgan said a simple analysis of the Māori seat results from 2014 showed the combined votes for the Mana and Māori Party candidates would have given the parties three electorates.

But the Labour MP for one of those electorates, Te Tai Tokerau’s Kelvin Davis, said the dynamics had changed and people needed to know a vote for Mana was a vote for National.

No, it would be a vote for Mana. While it could help National retain power the aim is to get Mana back into Parliament.

If Labour diss off both the Maori and Mana parties they are reducing their own chances of ousting national from Government.

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  1. PDB

     /  20th February 2017

    Hone Harawira showed his true colours last election when selling out his voters for German money being placed into his back pocket. The Maori party will be out of govt anyhow if Winston is kingmaker so best they can hope for is a few more seats.

  2. Gezza

     /  20th February 2017

    Possum? Are you around? It would be just a guess, obviously, but what do you reckon? Who’d win Te Tai Tokerau with this arrangement, in your opinion?

    • Pickled Possum

       /  21st February 2017

      Well Kelvin is reported to be the man with the right korero.
      A vote for Maori or Mana is seen as a vote for National
      Kelvin is the Man of the North
      Winston is the Man of the Moment.

      Kelvin is in the wrong party according to most; Labour are just a No Go.
      Remembering the sea bed and foreshore saga; the reason Mana was born.

      Winston with his prince in waiting SJ are going to lose voters,
      People haven’t separated SJ from his failures yet.
      He is still known as ‘that exotic video watching man’
      He purports to be a ‘fishing industry’ man, did he produce a fishing process
      plant in the far North???
      Big fish factory boat with choppers and green dye, to subdue the fish
      they rule our waters now,
      Harvard Needs you more than Us, SJ.

      Pity really cause Winston was leading the way but most have a
      cold feeling now about National needing Winston and would he? could he? ….

      Winston cares about the Far North much more
      than Mayor J Carter.
      Carter says “we need to fix the North up,”
      ‘Its been going to rack and ruin these last couple decades’ …
      ummm he was Commander in Charge and directed it to failure. DH

      Some People looking towards a different flavour,
      Garth Morgan speaks to a captive audience in some circles up here,
      albeit online and he was a real crack-up at Ratana joking about Winston.
      HeHe butt Winston is very apt at handling a ‘toothless mauler’

      So Maori Mana who knows whatever happens you can be sure raw sewage will
      still be pumped out into the rivers of Northland nightly

      Truck drivers who speed on the narrow roads, hauling logs from Warawara forest
      to Whangarei port 2 trips a day
      some who cannot even speak or understand english. WTF

      The dirty farmers who let their cows shit in the rivers as they have a drink,
      polluting the rivers, with high ecoli rates.

      The Many People dependant on drug companies for their daily fix of poison chemicals,
      who wait for their important operation wait and wait …
      then catch the bus – Far North from Whangarei after hip surgery
      You can betcha these things won’t change no matter who gets in.
      That is the feeling amongst the people I asked the question,
      is it MM NZF L or N.
      WReallyGAFF. They are all the same just blokes and sheilas wanting a good earn.

      How are the children of the ‘dusty road’ Shane Reti??

      • patupaiarehe

         /  21st February 2017

        Much respect for your korero, my marsupial friend, you sure have a way with words…


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