Lords debates Article 50

From Missy in the UK:

Today the House of Lords began their first two days of debate on the Article 50 Bill before it goes to committee stage.

Over the weekend a number of Lords said that it would not get through unscathed, and they were open about wanting to do everything to either water down the legislation, or stop it completely, this has put the Lords on a collision course with both the people and the House of Commons. There have been a number of MPs that have been open about pushing for serious reform – or abolition – of the Lords if they hold up this legislation, and some of the Lords have also acknowledged that if they try to stop this it could mean the end of the House of Lords.

Today a number of critics of the Lords, and a couple of newspapers, called for members of the House to declare their interests in the EU – many are earning either consulting fees, or pensions from the EU, and it is seen by some as a clear conflict of interest. If Brexit happens these Lords will lose their EU income, and some believe that is the real reason they want to stop it happening, coincidentally one of the loudest about stopping the legislation allegedly earns one of the highest pensions from the EU.

Theresa May attended the opening debates in the Lords, she is allowed to as a member of the Privy Council, but it is reportedly unprecedented for a PM to go and listen to a debate on legislation in the House – at least in modern times. The last time a PM attended the House of Lords was David Cameron to listen to the tributes to Margaret Thatcher.

Baroness Evans, the leader of the House of Lords today urged the Lords to recognise the primacy of the House of Commons. She reminded the Lords that they passed the legislation for the referendum without restriction on the result, and that this bill is not about re-visiting the debate.


This will be interesting times, but it could also be a catalyst for fundamental change in the UK’s political landscape if some are to be believed – and I don’t mean with regards to leaving the EU.


  1. It shouldn’t be too hard to determine which members of the Lords they should shoot. All that climate warming stuff for as start.

  2. David

     /  February 21, 2017

    It’s interesting that there is very little discussion that people like Lord Mandelson etc. are paid significant -pensions from the EU which stipulate that they must promote the interests of the EU at all times.

    Given the noise over Trump and Russia, how is this not the headline for every report on Article 50?

    • Gezza

       /  February 21, 2017

      Boris (their Trumpsta) doesn’t send out so many tweets?

    • Missy

       /  February 21, 2017

      The problem with that is much of the media is pro EU so don’t want to draw attention to it. It was headlines in both Daily Mail and the Telegraph over the weekend, in fact they have detailed what their pensions are worth and listed all the Lords that receive income from the EU.

      • Gezza

         /  February 21, 2017

        TV media news channels equally pro-remain?

        • Missy

           /  February 21, 2017

          Most are, but to be honest I haven’t seen much TV news over the last few days so I am not sure how much has been reported.

          I had meetings all morning yesterday or I would have listened to see what was on the (non-BBC) radio.

  3. It is not just the Lords who are biased due to receipt of Euro handouts. Politicians, Press, BBC, academics, entertainers etc etc are on that Brussels Gravy Train in huge numbers. Even certain judges appear to have unhealthy connections with the EU. It is, in truth, a near miracle that sufficient numbers of non-EU-bribed Brits were mustered to outvote them.

    I think if the Lords try to overturn this “settled will of the people” they will be disbanded, and not before time. As a Brit myself, now an NZ citizen, I have always admired the concept of the House of Lords and was taught as a child that its purpose was to protect the people from the Government. Sadly, since then it has deteriorated into a Euro lapdog, thanks to being stuffed with ex-politicians, whose concerns do not include the protection of the people from their paymaster pals in the de facto Euro-government.

    I would like to see the Lords disbanded and completely reinvented with members from normal walks of life who can be encouraged to carry out that House’s original duty of protecting the people from the Government. It should be illegal for any politician to enter the Upper House, even for a cup of tea. I hope Theresa May has sufficient backbone to do this. It would be a fitting accompaniment to a successful invocation of Article 50 and the freeing of the British people from the yoke of the despotic, corrupt and incompetent EU.

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