Hobson’s Pledge membership drive

Don Brash’s “We are now one people” Hobson’s Pledge is advertising for members:

From their web page:

What we plan to do:

Now is the time to arrest a decline into irreversible separatism. This may be achieved by speaking out wherever local authorities propose race-based structures and where the current government proposes co-governance.

This may also be achieved in this year’s election by supporting and voting for any party that would vote against all laws, regulations and policies that provide for any entitlement based on ancestry or ethnicity.

Ideally, this political party would commit to:

  • remove all reference to consultation with any ethnic group from the proposed changes to the Resource Management Act
  • hold a referendum on scrapping separate Maori electorates
  • drop the proposal to grant tribal trusts special powers to control the allocation of water – something previously regarded as the exclusive province of local government

Brash has tried and failed with National and ACT, now he is looking for an ‘ideal political party’. I don’t like his chances, unless perhaps NZ First want to step up.


1. We can find nothing in the Treaty of Waitangi justifying any racial preference under the law.

2. Legal equality between citizens is the foundation stone of democracy. It is fair, reasonable and totally inclusive.

3. True democracy has proven to be the most enduring and successful system of government. It makes for united and prosperous nations.

4. Race-based privilege creates opportunities for corruption, resentment, and unrest.

Now is the time to stop an undemocratic slide into New Zealand style apartheid.

Please Note: We are not in any sense anti-Maori. Indeed, some of us are Maori. We recognise that Maori are too often among the poorest and most incarcerated citizens in the land. But having a constitutional preference has done little or nothing for the well being of most Maori. On the contrary: by leading some Maori to believe that their economic prosperity will be assured by a Treaty settlement, or by being able to clip the ticket on the productive activity of others, the constitutional preference may well be harming most Maori.



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  1. Brash is not ” looking for an ‘ideal political party ” The only thing he has stated is that NZFirst are the only party supporting the democratic position, of equality . He is simply stating the facts , which are rejected by a blindingly stupid media. NZ First will take 17% plus in the elections. English will be in trouble. Smith, Finlayson, and Woodhouse have to go. The rest of the stuff needs to be dragged back into the swamp and left there to swim out .

  2. Jeeves

     /  24th February 2017

    The essence of everything Right:

    “… by being able to clip the ticket on the productive activity of others…”

    Greedy people who want more than they deserve or earn, trying to blame others, by inventing a rort that doesn’t exist to make them feel better about their own greed.

    And this from the like of Don Brash, who has done absolutely nothing productive in his whole life, except perpetuate the biggest rort of all, that of Banking.


       /  24th February 2017

      Don’t forget growing Kiwi Fruit and paying more tax than you to support the lifestyle beneficiaries in New Zealand have become accustomed to.

  3. Auto_Immune

     /  24th February 2017

    Brash keeps reminiscing about the time he almost won an election for National, based primarily on this sentiment.

    Rightly or wrongly, most of NZ has moved on… Or at least, they see plenty of other issues in NZ being more important than this.

  4. Bearing in mind that Don Brash is an avowed member of the Far Right extremist group Kiwi Frontline, the entire Right Brigade standpoint regarding Hobson’s alleged “Pledge” is based on “the only extant account of these proceedings by an eyewitness”, namely “the erstwhile mission printer William Colenso.”

    Colenso himself “records a curious incident” when “An un-named member of the crowd … stepped forward to address Hobson with the claim that “the Native speeches were not half interpreted by Mr Williams, neither were His Excellency’s remarks fully interpreted to the Natives”. He suggested that a Mr Johnson … might be a fairer interpreter.”

    Williams and Busby later provided lengthy apologies justifying their positions regarding their own land purchases and both did so in English, apparently with no translation. Busby also denied the Chiefs had used the word “robbed” …

    Of course, Maori oral history of Waitangi is disallowed by Pakeha due to a bizarre Pakeha sanctification of only written historical records – nay, the written word’s near benediction (unless its oral histories from WW1 Anzac soldiers) so we have our entire nation’s ‘founding moment’ history falsely derived from one source … A man whose stated aim on the day was to defend his own land acquisitions … May I be permitted to say … FFS!

    Naturally, none too many historians are pleased with the situation, among them Tony Simpson quoted above from ‘Before Hobson’ (2015) … a most timely book … pg 142

    A few more brief quotes pertaining to the KFL Right Brigade position –

    ” … even some contemporaries were sceptical, among them … William Colenso, who quite explicitly states that the introduction of the musket made Maori warfare no more bloody than it had been previously, and that its (the musket’s) main value was in demoralising the enemy who fled in confusion …” pg 185

    So they trust Colenso implicitly, though selectively, concerning 5-6 Feb 1840, but take no notice of him in their outlandish claims of Maori genocide.

    ” … the reported massacres in Hongi’s wars are almost certainly exaggerated. Others [Some] say as few as five thousand lives were taken over the five years to about 1830″ (ibid)

    “… no-one knows what the population of NZ was in 1800 or in 1840. The important point is there is no basis in any accurate figures on which to propose a theory of severe population decline arising from warfare or disease to account for an alleged breakdown of Maori society … as a reason for the widespread adoption of Christianity.” pg 188

    Finally, I exclaim: So Article Two’s Crown pre-emption clause for exclusive purchase of Maori land, and its guarantee to the Chiefs of “te tino rangatiratanga” are NOT something in the Treaty justifying racial preference under the law!?

    Te Tiriti o Waitangi is ALL ABOUT racial preference under the Law! Mostly, one might argue, a preference towards ‘The Crown’ representing Pakeha …?

    Wish I could say it as briefly and concisely as you Jeeves …


       /  24th February 2017

      Don Brash…a member of Kiwi Frontline? I didn’t think he would have the guts. Have you any proof of this?

      • You could easily look it up yourself FGANSAZ …

        He has his own blog page on the site … http://www.kiwifrontline.com/blogs/don-brash

        His latest appears to be “Why I disagree with Gareth Morgan” …

        • FGANSAZ

           /  24th February 2017

          Seems more like a blog to me, rather than a far right extremist group. Conservative and Right, yes. Extremist,no,in my opinion. Thanks for bringing this site to my attention. I see many kindred spirits.

          • Gezza

             /  25th February 2017

            PZ seems to have bizarrely taken on the job of advertising them here to kindred spirits. I’d never heard of that site for whingers & shit-stirring plonkers until he started going on & on about them.

  5. Alan Wilkinson

     /  24th February 2017

    Unfortunately Brash is an expert at being right in the wrong way. He needs to take lessons from Winnie who is an expert at being wrong in the right way.

    • No Alan, Brash is Right only in the Right way and otherwise entirely wrong …

      Not only that, as each year passes the KFL-Right Brigade rearguard action gets left farther and farther behind. Soon there’ll be no-one occupying the opposing trenches as Aotearoa New Zealand moves on with what is correct, ethical, just and inevitable …

      • Pete Kane

         /  24th February 2017

        Have to admit it was a great way of putting it from Alan though. Putting that one up my sleeve.

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  24th February 2017

        I don’t think the Asian invasion will have much sympathy for the addicts of colonial angst, PZ. Once the post-Waitangi-settlement oligarchies have settled comfortably into the establishment and their leather couches the ordinary folk will get on with surviving as best they can and having children with whoever they can as usual. Brown, yellow and white will continue to merge in the sun.

        • Finding the rightful place of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in the Constitution of Aotearoa New Zealand “going forward” isn’t “colonial angst” Alan! My goodness … Where on Earth did you get that idea?

          There’s plenty of colonial examples of its dishonouring by Pakeha, which doesn’t help Pakeha claim “the moral high ground”, but its future constitutionality is a contemporary and forward looking social, legal and political issue. I look upon it as an amazing positive challenge … The challenge of ‘appropriate governance’ …

          Brown, Yellow and White will, by-and-large, continue to “culturally identify” and in doing so, if things don’t change, Brown will remain at the bottom of the social stratafication by most available indicators …

          People in such a position will, by-and-large, seek reasons for their place in the world and attempt to ameliorate and redress it …

          This is Human Nature taking its course, despite the attempted imposition upon it of a Darwinian ‘Animal Nature’ Jungle Law doctrine …

          Of course we’ll live together and merging will occur.
          The implication is you’re afraid of being sent home to England?


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