Mt Albert result

The final provisional result in the Mt Albert by-election wasw an easy win to Labour’s Jacinda Ardern with not many votes to anyone else

A majority not voting with a very low turnout of 29.9%  – the biggest winner was ‘couldn’t be bothered’.

Candidates Party Votes
ARDERN, Jacinda
GENTER, Julie Anne
AMOS, Adam
VAN DEN HEUVEL, Anthony Joseph J
BROWN, Patrick
Candidate Informals: 82
TOTAL: 12,971

Number of enrolled voters: 45,200

In the 2014 general election:

  • Turnout 36,922 (79.41%)
  • David Shearer (Labour) 20,970
  • Melissa Lee (National) 10,314
  • Jeanette Elley (Greens) 3,152

So Ardern has moved to a safe seat and won. She failed once in Waikato in 2008 and then twice in Auckland Central in what had been a safe Labour seat until Nikki Kaye won there in 2008.

Julie Anne Genter didn’t really contest the seat, she was in it for the publicity for the Greens and to try and show how well Greens and Labour could work together.

Geoff Simmons and The Opportunities Party could be disappointed in not getting anywhere near close despite being given preferential treatment by media along with Ardern and Genter over the rest of the candidates.Gareth Morgan had previously said TOP was not going to contest electorates so he will probably be undeterred.

The NZ People’s Party are failing to attract many votes.

Joe Carolan and Penny Bright are fringe candidates with little support – Carolan’s socialism has little appeal in New Zealand in the 21st century.

I don’t know if Abe Gray actually campaigned or not but if the Cannabis Party want to make an impression they may need to rethink their approach to elections.

Raymond Huo will now take over Ardern’s list place and after two others declined the opportunity to return to Parliament.

From NZ Herald Labour’s Jacinda Ardern new MP for Mt Albert

Speaking to the crowd, Ardern paid tribute to former MP David Shearer, and also previous Mt Albert MP and Prime Minister Helen Clark.

“Here in Mt Albert there is so much to celebrate but we need to go back to the basics – affordable houses, the ability to get around our city.

“I vow that I will advocate for all these things. But real change comes when Labour are in Government. Tonight is the first step, and now the real work begins.”

She has a safe seat probably for as long a political career she chooses thanks to Shearer, Clark and Warren Freer who held  Mt Albert for yonks.

Little said the strong result showed Labour was in fine shape to fight September’s general election.

“It’s all on for September … we are on our way.”

It wasn’t a strong result. It was a virtual non-event for most people, including a majority of Mt Albert voters.

There had been speculation that a strong byelection showing could lead to some within Labour questioning whether Ardern should be elevated to the deputy leader position, currently held by Annette King.

“There is no vacancy,” Little said when asked about that speculation. “I’m not planning on any changes.”

That ‘speculation’ was almost political activism by pundits trying to make something of the outcome.

This seems to confirm that Labour will campaign with both leader and deputy based in Wellington and both on the party list.

King is a Labour stalwart who has been a big help to Little minimising caucus unrest but this doesn’t look like a fresh new party determined to win the election.


  1. Nelly Smickers

     /  February 26, 2017

  2. Pete Kane

     /  February 26, 2017

    Never seen naked fear in a cheese roll before.

  3. Brown

     /  February 26, 2017

    I hope there is a message in this – the Greens are party of the stupid wealthy left and not the general welfare receivers or Wellington’s un-civil servants. That means they will never attract serious support and will never be really aligned with Labour (as it used to be at least). The low turnout makes me wonder what would have happened if National has stood a candidate or did the voters just not bother because the result was seen as inevitable. I’m looking forward to Little proclaiming a great result and a turning point as his decline continues.

    • 14,359 party voted national in 2014, most of them probably didn’t vote.

      8,005 party voted Greens, what happened to them? Nothing worthwhile to vote for either?

  4. Conspiratoor

     /  February 26, 2017

    A one horse race…

  5. Zedd

     /  February 26, 2017

    the glaring result; 70% ‘apathy party’ !

    ‘a hollow victory’ to Jacinda

    • PDB

       /  February 26, 2017

      Her real test will be come general election – can she raise Labour’s party vote above Nationals?

  6. Don’t they say that elections are won or lost on the margins and this ain’t no marginal seat. Been Labour since forever. You’d think as the area gentrifies it’ll become more right-wing but aren’t Labour right of centre anyway?

    • PDB

       /  February 26, 2017

      General elections in this country today are won in Auckland (taken as a whole) and through the party vote. Winning a safe electorate seat is pretty much immaterial unless you are a minor party.

      Unless Jacinda can win more party votes in Mt Albert than National in the general election she will have failed.

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