Public broadcaster funding

At a time when private media is being severely squeezed by shrinking advertising revenue, and they react by sacking journalists and dumbing down the news, there may be more need for publicly funded news and current affairs.

Radio New Zealand has had it’s funding frozen for ‘at least 8 years’. Should more funding boost what they can do?

I have tried breakfast television and largely given up on both TV and TV3. Too bland and padded with pap. So I know listen to RNZ from 6 am, they are much more informative.

I’m not a fan of everything RNZ does – I listen to a bit of John Campbell while driving in the afternoon and while he covers some interesting things he can be over the top with his advocacy and delivery – but I think they are an essential part of New Zealand’s media mix.

A peition that has been running over the last year is being given another push leading up to May’s budget.

Increase funding for Radio New Zealand in this year’s Budget. (Petition still going)

Radio New Zealand Limited, New Zealand’s only public service broadcaster. It delivers high-quality, impartial, journalism and a wide variety of content, including coverage of issues in the Pacific region. This organisation has had its funding frozen for at least eight years.

RNZ deserves a funding increase in this year’s Budget because it needs to be properly resourced, not just this year, but in future years so that it can continue to deliver on its charter and provide the same standard of content that has given RNZ its fine reputation.

Please sign this petition if you care about the future of RNZ and share it with your networks.


  1. Listening to Radio Socialism NZ at any time is damaging, listening to John Campbell is just inviting misery, and derangement . Many people would like to see the leftard broadcaster closed down all together. Lets hope its budget freezes it to death.. There is some hope for the writer in that he is aware that television is junk.

    • Blazer

       /  February 27, 2017

      and many people wouldn’t.I am however very sure many people are not in favour of crony loans to private media by govt ,as we saw happen with Joyces former media corporation.

      • If the option is between private confirmation-bias, Right cronyism media-Lite and public in-depth media Left – (I’d say Centre-Left personally, since Centre is Right-skewed) – I’ll take the latter any day …

  2. NOEL

     /  February 27, 2017

    Here’s an idea. Lets fund a fact checked news service and beam it to schools in addition to Joe Public.

  3. I’m all for Public funded broadcasting. However, the move away from objectivity into the arena of advocacy at best and blatant bias at the worst, has been a development RNZ is big on and as a result, I cannot support further funding. The role of a journalist is to accurately reflect society at large, to investigate and expand on issues of the day and inform consumers so they can make informed decisions.

    These days so much of what we read has a large component of emotion and the stamp of an individual organisation and or writer/journo. Stories we hear and read leave out the information that informs and is biased to the point of cynicism – the writer first, the reader very closely behind. We’re getting largely emotional judgments and one-sided reportage.

    My Dad, bless his soul always claimed that a lie by commission was the lesser of two evils. He believed that a lie of omission, where only salient details supporting your premise were expressed, was the more damaging. I concur. Example. Question: Where have you been all this time? Answer: I went to the shops, dentist and then picked up my dry cleaning. Real answer. All of the above plus I dropped into see the man I’ve been having it off with the last year and who I will probably leave you and the kids for. The reason I used that fatuous example is because it’s the ultimately destructive lie and I believe that is what Public Broadcasting does a lot. Take the Bain/Binnie doco. Largely only facts supporting a certain premise were presented, with a nod to the actual final outcome. That’s all very well and good, but if a single cent of public money goes towards programming, then I believe the standard needs to be much higher, and the position of dissenting viewers should at least be strongly stated, if not supported. (I’m not opining on the guilt or otherwise just using an example).

    Not a cent of my money to RNZ or NZ on Air until they sort out their objectivity and ethics.

  4. Personal integrity and a well developed moral basis for living are the important elements of personal self discipline. That is the true test of the character as a pre-requisite for positions of direct contact with the Public. It helps develop an acute sense of what is right and what is wrong.

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