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  1. Missy

     /  February 28, 2017

    First up, Thanks for this Pete, it means that I can post comments on a wider range of things happening in this part of the world without spamming Open Forum. 🙂

  2. Missy

     /  February 28, 2017

    In Brief:
    Brexit: It has been reported today that Theresa May is expected to announce that EU Free Movement will stop from the date that Article 50 is triggered. This means any EU citizens that arrive after this date will no longer automatically have the right to remain in the UK. It has also been reiterated that the rights of EU citizens that arrive before the cut off date will be protected as long as the rights of British citizens in the EU are also protected.

    This is likely to not be welcomed by the EU as the EC (European Commission) has indicated they want the cut off date to be the date the UK actually leave the EU.

    On the rights of British citizens, May has received an agreement in principle from a number of member states (predominantly in Eastern Europe), however many of the ‘big’ states from in the EU refuse to discuss this with the Brits – most notably Germany.

    Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon is expected to call a second Independence Referendum when Article 50 is triggered, though Theresa May will have final say on whether it can be held. If May says no this could cause a backlash in Scotland against Westminster at a time where support for Independence is decreasing – but to agree will cause other issues, and risk a yes vote in Scotland.

  3. Missy

     /  February 28, 2017

    Labour update.

    To be honest the best story in town at the moment continues to be the slowly imploding Labour Party.

    Today’s excuse for the Copeland by election loss is it happened because of a ‘soft coup’ by moderate Labour MPs according to Shadow Chancellor – and Corbyn ally – John McDonnell. I await with interest to see what tomorrow’s excuse is.

    Corbyn was invited to address the Parliamentary Labour Party, at their weekly meeting this evening, on the loss in Copeland. Corbyn declined this invitation, and instead it is believed that the national Elections and Campaign Coordinator will address the meeting instead.

    And on a final note, Labour has another by election to contest in a few months as today news came of the death of a Labour MP. The MP in question is Sir Gerald Kaufman, the MP for Manchester Gorton. Sir Gerald was 86 years old at his death and held the seat for 47 years. Manchester Gorton is considered one of Labour’s safest seats, won at the 2015 election with a majority of 24, 079, so it should be a win for Labour. What is hard to know is if the majority is because the people in the constituency were voting for Labour – and therefore will vote for any Labour candidate, or if it was because they were voting for the man – thus making it more difficult for Labour to retain the majority. This will be a by election to watch I think, not because I think Labour will lose, but because I think they will have a reduced majority and it will be interesting what the majority will drop by.