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  1. Gezza

     /  2nd March 2017

    THE DONALD OF THE UNITED STATES’s best tweets so far today:

    GOP now viewed more favorably than Dems, in Trump era (per NBC/WSJ poll) via ‪@HotlineJosh‬:
    I will be interviewed on ‪@foxandfriends‬ at 6:00 A.M. Enjoy!

    ‪THANK YOU!‬
    ‪2:38 AM – Mar 2, 2017‬
    Sorry I was MIA yesterday. 2 Major Green Force insurgency suppression ops successfully conducted in Backyard Province, plus a minor Provincial Reconstruction Assignment which included elimination of a strong force of hedge plants which had to be rooted out in tough hand to crowbar combat.

    A sizeable Paving Operation to be mounted today, while the weather remains favourable – which should ensure Green Force is eliminated from the Patio District permanently this time.

    Due to workload & exhaustion, Blue Force was unable to reconnoitre the Trump Front at all yesterday, but hopefully some spying out of the lie of the land there should be possible later today, God willing.

    I did watch some short excerpts of The Trumpster’s address to Congress on Aljaz but mainly I heard there that some of his claims were dubious, eg the number of unemployed Americans, and noticed once again how much like Mussolini’s The DOTUS’s expressions & gestures are.

    That is all. Over & out! 🕶 💪 ⚒ [Ed.]
    More tweets may possibly be found here when he has spare time:
    Thu 2 March 2017. 0600 hours

    • Nelly Smickers

       /  2nd March 2017

      Yet another of my US based *BFF* tweets……

    • Conspiratoor

       /  2nd March 2017

      Your new love interest making her presence felt G?

      • Gezza

         /  2nd March 2017

        Not a love interest, c. She’s been there, done that. Just a very good & close lady friend. We’re both free to pick up with someone else if ze mood or ze uzzer person takes us. But no, the LF doesn’t pay much attention to the grounds or the house, come to think of it. She’s usually happy just yacking, playing musicians, & cooking, doing dishes, & doing my washing, for some wonderful reason I’m not going to argue with her about. 🙂

        No with all this crappy ‘no summer’ weather I’ve let everything get out of control, no maintenance this year. Getting stuck in tidying up big time has spurred me into a couple of other projects I’d vaguely planned as well, like the paving. 👍

  2. Pete Kane

     /  2nd March 2017

    Jungle Boy Back.

  3. Nelly Smickers

     /  2nd March 2017

    Remember yesterday I said Wayne thort his mate in LA, *Chuck*, had become quite negative towards *Trumpy*….well, today he emails:

    “Hey my brother – how’s it hangin’ ? Trump has sure got em stirred up. I think he really likes this crap. No one I talk to can’t ever remember a nation doin’ this kind of crazy shit man, ever. But if he wants the masses to think he’s goin’ to stop them terrorists, who am I to argue. Besides, I think he havin’ fun man. Even da stock market look like a bubble. Don’t forget man, the other biggest rally happened just like dis, right before the ’87 crash. Border wall, import duties, military buildup, soon it will turn into the Trump Slump. They gotta face facts man, a $21 an hour U.S. factory worker jus can not compete with a 70 cent an hour factory worker in India! They gotta get real man, colossal mistakes are being made here – mark my words”

    *Holy Mother*… I just said to Wayne, let’s hope he’s not thinking about coming back 😡

  4. High Flying Duck

     /  2nd March 2017

    I think the Trump tax plan will make or break him. There is currently US$2.6 trillion in US company profits sitting outside the US. It is left there to avoid the 35% tax on repatriating these funds.

    Trump is looking at instituting an amnesty for bringing the funds back at a tax closer to 10% than 35%. This will give a huge one off boost to the treasury. It would also levy a tax on funds not repatriated.

    This may help fund the tax changes he is looking at elsewhere and kick start the infrastructure expenditure he has pushed for.

    The US is a very complex beast in tax (and healthcare – who knew? No-one!).

    If he gets it right the wage differential becomes far less important. Even 70c an hour wages won’t offset a 20 – 35% import duty to bring back the goods made overseas…

    The speech yesterday was a big step forward in Trump taking ownership of his role as POTUS. Interestingly despite the change in style, *what* he said was no different to what he has said previously. He has been remarkably consistent in this respect. The speech was still sadly lacking in detail though.

    The status quo is definitely broken so change is requisite – but until his broad policy outlines get nailed down into legislation the jury remains out on whether the Trump plan is a winning formula and the replacement that is needed.

  5. Nelly Smickers

     /  2nd March 2017

    For all those who have been waiting, I have just received the *most stunning pic* of the beautiful and elegant *FLOTUS*…..taken yesterday during *The POTUS’s* amazing speech to Congress XD

    (*feel free to print or save*)


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