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3 March 2017

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  1. Corky

     /  March 3, 2017

    So the reality is Britain leaving the EU may do little to stem immigration. That’s sad. It means Britain is truly stuffed. I wonder how President Trumpy would have handled this dilemma?

    • Missy

       /  March 3, 2017

      A couple of things Corky.

      1. This was a paper outlining what they are hoping to achieve and possible scenarios around it, the idea of a lot of EU migrants coming to Britain was always a risk, and something the Government understood could happen if it was not managed.

      2. This article is a month old, since then it has come out the Government are looking at the cut off date for guarantees to EU migrants in Britain being the day Article 50 is triggered, and then only those that have been here for 5 years (number of years of residency to qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain and Citizenship).

      3. If you think the Leave vote was about immigration you are wrong, it was complex with a number of issues for most people who voted Leave. The media let the anti-immigration lobby hijack the media space and time because it suited (and still suits) their agenda to say Leave voters are xenophobes who want to shut down the border.

      • Corky

         /  March 3, 2017

        As I understand it Britain needs all EU member nations to sign off on immigration. That can never happen in our life time.

        Point 3. Yes, I agree. The English folk I know wanted out because of economic constraints over their own economic sovereignty. And stupidities like this:

        However, it cannot be denied immigration was a major concern, media hijack or not.

        • Missy

           /  March 3, 2017

          I am not sure what you mean about Britain needing all EU member nations to sign off on immigration.

          All member nations will need to agree to the deal for Britain to leave, immigration post Brexit will not be a part of the deal, only the status of Britons in the EU and EU citizens in Britain, so Britain don’t need all EU member states to sign off on immigration post Brexit, they can do nothing about it now though as the EU rejected Britain’s request pre Referendum for a deal on immigration.

          Immigration was one concern of the referendum, including for some that voted Remain, however polling after the referendum showed it was not the major concern overall. In fact, I believe that in most demographics immigration was neither the number 1 or number 2 reason for voting to leave the EU.

          Yes immigration is a major concern, as it is in most countries with high immigration, but don’t be fooled into thinking it was the major concern in the referendum, it was tied up with a number of concerns. The whole referendum and reasons people voted to leave was very complex, and it is wrong to try and narrow it down to one or two ‘major’ concerns. I won’t deny there is a section of society here that rate immigration as their number one concern, but for most it was down the list behind sovereignty, laws, concerns about security, etc.

          It isn’t that simple to pluck one thing out of the many complex issues and decree that is the major concern.

        • Missy

           /  March 3, 2017

          Oh, and Corky, Pete is kindly putting up a daily UK and Europe post now, which keeps all the Brexit / EU talk together. 🙂

    • Nelly Smickers

       /  March 3, 2017

      To be honest though Al, Wayne also lives by the same maxim……*if you’ve got it, flaunt it*

    • Joe Bloggs

       /  March 3, 2017

      We’re on the same page Alan….27 flights to get to Jakarta and 10 more to fly on to Bali. That’s not travelling in style – just an obscene and unnecessary display of extravagance.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  March 3, 2017

        Have you seen Trump’s dwellings ? They are so alike that it would be easy to forget which one you were in-all marble and ostentation, the only thing that they show about the occupants is that they are rich. There’s nothing personal there, no books, nothing. I liked the tiled bathroom, but he can keep the rest-they looked like hotels, not homes.

  2. PDB

     /  March 3, 2017

    Martin Crowe died this day last year – a good excuse as any to again showcase the great man……

  3. lurcher1948

     /  March 3, 2017

    STRANGE David Farrar has not had a gushing post on how good UBER is since the latest revelations about uber over the local taxi industry, yes i know DAVID you dont get paid to push blue bubble etc “the NZ TAXI industry” but you seem quiet about the (NEARLY) rape culture in the SF head quarters of uber and the nasty boss being question by a driver,Mr Farrar more important than CATS UP TREES, or bludging maoris and Ms Adern SCARY

  4. lurcher1948

     /  March 3, 2017

    A blue bubble supporter music

  5. lurcher1948

     /  March 3, 2017

  6. Kitty Catkin

     /  March 3, 2017

    Gezza, I had some passionfruit and carefully left a little in each one for the birds, and set them out in a dish with low sides so that they could easily reach their treat. Not one bird seems to have touched them ! I thought that they’d be delighted with this luxury. Not they. Ingrates..

  7. patupaiarehe

     /  March 3, 2017

    Jr has almost mastered this one, but IMHO Juliana looks far better than him playing it. Funnily enough, he agrees… 😀

  8. patupaiarehe

     /  March 3, 2017

    LOL, just had the ‘laugh of the week’. Went out to the washing line, to get the laundry in, & the ratbags next door are on the other side of the fence, having a ‘session’. So involved in smoking their pot, that they didn’t even realise I was there…
    So after putting all my laundry in the basket, I snuck up beside the fence, and yelled “Are you c..nts smoking pot??!!”.
    5 seconds of silence, then a head pops over the fence, and says “Sorry Bro”.
    I smiled at him, and said “All good neighbour, carry on.”
    These new tenants next door are quite entertaining. They much younger than us, are obviously up to ‘no good’, but are clever enough not to ‘piss in their own pond’.

  9. patupaiarehe

     /  March 3, 2017

    Where are you G? I know you’ll appreciate this one. No less than 5 of these songs, are based on an ‘Am’…