Ardern confirmed as deputy

Jacinda Ardern was unopposed and therefore confirmed as Labour deputy leader today, as expected so it didn’t get much attention.

Someone at The Standard – ‘Notices and Features’ – tried a ra ra post Congratulations Jacinda Ardern! but it got a lukewarm response with not many bothering to comment.

Here is Labour’s Facebook pic:


Meanwhile it was kinda funny to see that King has been featured in Woman’s Weekly:

How was that organised so quickly?


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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  7th March 2017

    I saw it on the news-with that puerile and stale thing of putting the two names together. Let’s hope that this particular one dies very soon. It’s old, it’s unoriginal and it’s childish.

  2. PDB

     /  7th March 2017

    Going to all end in tears – once you give in to the demands of the MSM you end up with……….even more demands from the MSM. Next poll will have Jacinda and Little neck-and-neck in the battle of the single-digit preferred PM ratings and the MSM will turn on poor old Andy.


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