Unanimous support for domestic violence bill

So this means all parties will support Jan Logie’s private members’ bill through the first reading. Good move.

Stuff: Govt support first stage Green Party bill for additional leave for domestic violence victims

The Government will support a Green Party bill to allow domestic violence victims an additional 10 days annual leave, through the first hurdle.

They actually mean National and all other parties will support it at this stage.

There was a chance the bill could have progressed without National Party support – Labour and Act had already confirmed their backing of the bill past its first hurdle.

Interesting to see ACT supporting a bill that will cost the Government and/or employers more money.

Justice Minister Amy Adams has announced the Government support, a U-turn on its previous stance, would at least see the bill to select committee.

The Government still had concerns about the bill, but Adams said it held enough merit for wider discussion, as part of the Government’s domestic violence work.

“And we want to have the opportunity to discuss at select committee, what sort of support employers can add to that piece of work.”

Prime Minister Bill English last month, said his would not support it. Employers could already offer specialised leave to domestic violence victims. While Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Woodhouse had said the bill would be too costly to businesses.

Cost is always an issue with bills like this.

But the cost of domestic violence is a much bigger issue, and better ways of dealing with it should be explored.

Green Party social development spokeswoman Jan Logie said it was a welcome change from the Government.

She’s done well to get the support to progress her bill.

I was hoping. When victims support agencies, women’s organisations, human rights organisations and business are all saying the want the discussion, I think the Government certainly would have been on the wrong side of things not to.”

Arguments that it would cost too much were not backed up by research, Logie said.

“Actually, the research is really clear that domestic violence is costing business great staff and productivity now. And what this bill is about, is setting up a system to help mitigate that cost, so that they can keep great workers.”



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