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I did a search for news on ‘Wales’ and it’s all sport on page 1.

BBC: Wales business and council leaders ‘lack diversity’

Major decisions are being taken which are not reflective of Wales’ diversity, an Equality and Human Rights Commission report has said.

It looked at politics, local government and the private sector to assess whether those in charge were representative of all those who live in Wales.

It found just 6% of chief executives at Wales’ top 100 businesses were women.

Disabled people made up only 3.7% of the public appointments in 2015-16.

The report, coinciding with International Women’s Day, found 12% of chief and deputy chief constables in Welsh police forces were women, 14% of council chief executives and 26% of councillors.

It gets worse closer to my ancestral roots – Anglesey Council shamed on International Women’s Day as worst in Wales for slashing gender pay gap

Anglesey is the worst place in Wales for equal pay, new figures released today on International Women’s Day have revealed.

According to a Freedom of Information request 557 female public sector workers are still awaiting compensation for being underpaid over the years because of their gender.

My mother’s parents and most of her siblings came from Wales, but, while she wouldn’t have seen herself as a feminist (I didn’t) she bloody well did what she wanted and stuff any man who thought she shouldn’t because she was female.

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  1. Missy

     /  10th March 2017

    Now that everyone has had time to digest the Budget, today marks the analysis and fallout. The biggest story is around the increase in National Insurance for Self-Employed.

    Apparently in their manifesto for the 2015 election the Conservatives ruled out any increase to National Insurance contributions, so this is seen as breaking that promise. The Chancellor fudged it a bit by claiming that promise only related to people who are employed.

    Also, it has been reported that up to 2.5m people will lose money on investments with the decreased tax free threshold on dividends.

    • Missy

       /  10th March 2017

      Sorry, couldn’t get it so just the image came up. 😦

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  10th March 2017

        That link’s paywalled. Try this:

        • Missy

           /  10th March 2017

          Cheers Al,

          I couldn’t work out how to save just the pic from the website, though I didn’t spend too long in it either to be honest. I must remember not to eat and post – food tends to win over posting (and sorting issues encountered when posting). 😊

  2. Reply
    • Missy

       /  10th March 2017

      hahahaha……. Nigel Farage is an embarrassment, but that is why the press love him.

    • High Flying Duck

       /  10th March 2017

      He’ll just be getting an update for his mate POTUS.

  3. Missy

     /  10th March 2017

    Nicola Sturgeon was interviewed by the BBC for a show on Brexit. In it she was asked about a second Independence Referendum, and whilst not confirming she will call a referendum, she did not rule it out, and also said that Autumn 2018 makes the most sense for one.

    Sturgeon wants a referendum before Brexit as she (and others in the SNP) believe that an independent Scotland will be able to just take over the UK’s membership in the EU – despite the EU saying an independent Scotland will have to apply as a new member (though that hasn’t been mentioned in the reporting on this today – it came out last year). It is unlikely the EU will welcome an independent Scotland, and it is expected that if they did vote independence and apply for membership, that Spain would veto due to their problems with the Basque separatists.

    The SNP has their conference next week, but Sturgeon is not expected to raise the issue of a second referendum as she needs support of non SNP supporters to get one, and then to win one, it is expected she will make a statement on it within days of Article 50 being triggered at a neutral location.

    However, Sturgeon has some hurdles to overcome in order to get her referendum – and then to win it.

    1. The PM has final say on this, and Downing Street has indicated that no referendum on Scotland’s independence will be held before leaving the EU.

    2. There is a risk that the first test in the SNP manifesto for a second referendum will be breached. This states that there has to be clear and sustained evidence that independence has become the preferred option of a majority of Scottish people. Though Scottish Ministers claim that they have the mandate under their manifesto as it states they have justification for a second referendum if there was a significant or material change to Scotland’s constitutional circumstances – such as leaving the EU.

    3. Despite a poll released on Thursday finding that (excluding Don’t Knows) 49% of people would vote yes, 48% did not want full membership of the EU, with 27% wanting membership of the single market only, and not full EU membership, and 17% wanting to be out of the EU and single market fully. These last figures are interesting as Scotland voted 62% in favour of remaining in the EU, but after the result some anecdotal evidence, via letters to the editor, suggested that some voted remain in order to fend off a second independence referendum, not because they wanted to remain in the EU, and these latest poll figures suggest that there may be some truth to that anecdotal evidence. To my knowledge no-one has done a poll asking specifically why anyone voted Remain – only why they voted Leave.

    4. About a third of SNP voters backed leaving the EU, this means that in order to win a referendum Sturgeon has to convince them that an independent Scotland in Europe is better than remaining part of a UK outside of the EU, and to find enough non-nationalist Remain voters to support Independence.

    Nicola Sturgeon has yet again said she is not bluffing on an independence referendum, but this is starting to sound a bit desperate, almost like she is trying to convince herself as much as the others.

    Former SNP Deputy, Jim Sillars, said he would abstain on any vote for independence, as would many SNP supporter, saying that it was foolish to have a vote before Brexit. He doesn’t believe a Yes vote would win in 2018, in the middle of Brexit negotiations, as he says, Westminster would ask why don’t they wait to see what the deal is.

  4. Missy

     /  10th March 2017

    This just in

    No further information beyond 4 men attacked people at train station with axe, 2 in custody, 2 ran.

    One tweet said one of the men was tall with dark hair, no other descriptions about attackers, but in a jumpy Germany the police should (but probably won’t) make a statement about ethnicity and nationality of the ones in custody, otherwise rumours start and next thing the truth will be drowned out.

    • Missy

       /  10th March 2017

      So the reports appear to be confused. Another report is saying one arrested and police are investigating if others involved, that is different to the first report I heard (above).


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