Q+A – English, and Little and Ardern

Today on Q+A:

Political Editor Corin Dann interviews Prime Minister Bill English in a wide-ranging and revealing interview – how different will National be under his leadership?

Also, Andrew Little and Jacinda Ardern – will they be a winning combination for Labour this year?

And our panel: Dr Raymond Miller, Steve Maharey, Hannah Monigatti with our host Greg Boyed.

It will be a good chance to compare English and Little.

Bill English:

No CGT, no asset sales (Kiwibank, TVNZ).

Doesn’t agree with ‘baby boomers’ not paying “their fair share” for Super.

“The economy is in much better shape” and that seem to be English’s key election strategy.

Fix working for families? “That will unfold through the year”, “we can have a crack at it through the next few years”

“Families on low to middle incomes” need to benefit more from the improved economy.

Will a tax cut be meaningful? Wait for the budget, have to look at a balance of tax cuts. Won’t put a figure on it. “I wouldn’t expect some big sugar shot in the middle to upper range”.

Sounds like tweaks to thresholds and more targeting at the low end.

Andrew Little and Jacinda Ardern

Labour seem to be really trying to sell a dual leadership package.

Ardern has already said several times she absolutely backs Andrew and he is absolutely the leader – but she is dominating the speaking so far.

If National adjusts tax thresholds Little would leave them. Little is committing to as little as possible.

Both Ardern and Little divert from questions and try to repeat their learned talking points.

The only time Ardern sounded knowledgeable about a specific policy was on the sham of an abortion law that we still have in effect.

Little said that he supported both euthanasia and reviewing abortion law but as he says they are not a priority – he ensured a euthanasia private members’ bill was removed from the ballot – he doesn’t seem prepared to do anything about them.

Is the double act working? Not for me, just double poliparroting.



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  1. Kevin

     /  12th March 2017

    “Labour seem to be really trying to sell a dual leadership package.”

    That’s because Andy wants to keep his job at least until the next election and he’s sponging off Jacinda’s, um, “popularity”, to do it. It’s the only reason he made her deputy. Certainly wasn’t for her ability.

  2. NOEL

     /  12th March 2017

    “No asset sale Kiwibank or TVNZ”
    Kiwibank is a subsidary of NZPost which is an SOE. and any sale is purely based on commercial objectives.In the current market probably unattractive.
    TVNZ is a CrOC which have both commercial and non commercial objectives which make any sale problematic.

  3. John Schmidt

     /  12th March 2017

    The plan to no tax increases by Labour is to use the surplus that National created to commit to on going social programs and at the same time undo the economy that is generating the surpluses. Can anyone else see a problem in this plan.

    • Blazer

       /  12th March 2017

      how do you think they will ‘undo’ the economy that is finally in surplus after a long run of deficits?

  4. Jay3

     /  13th March 2017

    Little’s attacks on the Maori Party and his anger over the Maori king not supporting Labour are beginning to get over wrought. Like Maori need an “I know what’s good for you” patronising Pakeha to tell them what to do. It has echoes of Twyfords racist attack on Chinese property investors.


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