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13 March 2017

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  1. Nelly Smickers

     /  March 13, 2017

  2. lurcher1948

     /  March 13, 2017

    Just finished reading the nasty posts on kiwiblog and there are a lot of sad keyboard people so lonely over there so David provides a service to relieve their frustrations and loneliness…

    • PDB

       /  March 13, 2017

      In politics you’ve gotta keep abreast of stuff Lurch………

  3. Corky

     /  March 13, 2017

    Is London calling..over.

    Missy come in…over.

    • Corky

       /  March 13, 2017

      Missy? Lol.

      • Missy

         /  March 14, 2017

        Sorry Corky, I had internet issues yesterday. 😦

        Posted enough today to make up for it.

  4. Corky

     /  March 13, 2017

    Westerns saved fromprobable Islamic terror attack

    • Corky

       /  March 13, 2017

      Take2- Westerners saved from probable Islamic terror attack.

    • Gezza

       /  March 13, 2017

      The Westerns have had their time in the Sun. Clint Eastwood couldn’t go on grunting through the spaghetti ones forever. Not when there were other kinds of movies he could grunt through for a bit of personal development.

  5. Corky

     /  March 13, 2017

    Cartoonist Bill Leak dies in Australia.

    Quote: ”He said a fatwa issued against the cartoonist for poking fun at the prophet Mohammad forced Leak to sell his house and live in a secret location.”

    Yep, that’s in Australia folks…just across the ditch. How lucky are we?

  6. Kitty Catkin

     /  March 13, 2017

    We have had about 2x the average rainfall to date, most of which fell in the few days of the monsoons that we have just had.

    I donated my dehumidifier a couple of weeks ago-I wouldn’t have had I known what was coming. It’s been like a sauna. I sawed some thin trellis slats and made them into something else, hardly arduous, and was sweating as much as if I’d been shovelling coal. Non calor sed umor est qui nobis incommodat.

    The average rainfall to date is 186mm. This year it’s been 344 mm.

    Hamilton has had a little over 4x the average March to date rainfall-145mm instead of 36mm..

  7. patupaiarehe

     /  March 13, 2017

    Had a good laugh at this one. Has anyone else seen the ‘Australian RBT Reality TV show’ on TV2? Everytime my ataahua wahine watches it, I tell her it’s fake, & staged, to put fear in the masses. Here’s a little satire of it, from Aussie… Farkin brilliant, IMHO…

    • Nelly Smickers

       /  March 14, 2017

      *ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS*……just sent it to my brother-inlaw on the GC XD XD