Government battles crime targets

The National Party has been trying to portray successes in dealing with crime, but the Government looks likely to fail to meet it’s own targets on reducing crime.

Yesterday on Twitter promoting less bad crime statistics:

But RNZ: Govt likely to miss violent crime target

The government looks unlikely to meet its self-set target for reducing violent crime, under the latest information released for its ‘Better Public Services’ targets.

It might also miss its target for lowering reoffending rates.

The government said it was on track to meet seven of its targets for the delivery of public services, but said four needed “more work” if those targets were to be met.

The Better Public Service targets, which were set in 2012, include welfare dependency, immunisation rates and violent offending.

One of the targets was to reduce the rate of total crime by 20 percent by June 2018, violent crime by 20 percent by June this year and youth crime by 25 percent by June this year.

Total crime is down by 14 percent since June 2011, and youth crime by 32 percent.

However, violent crime has only been reduced by 2 percent since 2011.

Another target was to reduce the reoffending rate by 25 percent by this year, but that has only fallen by 4.4 percent.

The government had earlier signalled it would change the way this was measured because the total number of reoffenders, as opposed to the rate, had dropped by 26 percent.

So some improvements, but more challenges on crime reduction.

One oddity – if crime is reducing as much as is claimed – 14% – why is the Government increasing Police numbers by about a thousand?


  1. Blazer

     /  March 14, 2017

    This National Govt aims to make NZ crime free by …..2099.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  March 14, 2017

    I can’t see the point of your comment, PG. Obviously there is still a problem so why is it strange that the Government is addressing it in a range of ways?

  3. ‘prediction’; IF they legalised cannabis (made it available to adults only) then over a third of the ‘crime’ (gangs etc.) in NZ would disappear ! 😦

    the main reason the status qup is still on the Natz agenda; Job Protection for the ‘Prohibition industry’ (Police, Courts, Prisons).. prove me wrong folks

    • typo, s/be.. Status QUO

    • PDB

       /  March 14, 2017

      Rubbish – NZ gangs make most of their money from Meth and the like. To suggest gangs would suddenly start ‘disappearing’ & crime would dramatically reduce because cannabis suddenly becomes legalized is fanciful at best…..

      • oh really pdb..
        the Gangs maybe NOW be moving to Meth, BUT the police focus is still on ‘The WAR on weed’. WAKE UP & Read the news.

        btw; my point being ‘DRUG prohibition’ is keeping the ‘crime stats’ artificially high.. also most of the break/enter robberies are drug related, to get enough cash to pay Black-market prices. Meth $1000/grm & Cannabis $15/grm 😦

        Dont believe everything that Natz MP say.. its called ‘politicking’.. not reality

        • PDB

           /  March 14, 2017

          Need to get out more Zedd – gangs are well entrenched and diversified – legalizing pot won’t make them suddenly take up knitting……….

          • Zedd

             /  March 14, 2017

            I thought the discussion was about ‘crime reduction’ NOT gang reduction ? maybe a bit off track pdb ?? :/

            • PDB

               /  March 14, 2017

              “over a third of the ‘crime’ (gangs etc.) in NZ would disappear” – that was what I was commenting on……….I think it is a given that if you legalise cannabis then people who would have been convicted of smoking /dealing it wont be anymore hence some reduction in crime statistics.

  4. “One oddity – if crime is reducing as much as is claimed – 14% – why is the Government increasing Police numbers by about a thousand?”

    Two oddity – if crime is reducing as much as is claimed – 14% – why is the Government proposing to spend $1.8 million (or is it billion) on large numbers of new ‘prison beds’?

    The crime & punishment industry, as Zedd points out, is operating in a falsely inflated marketplace, where cannabis laws fulfil the the exact same function as innappropriate ‘regulations’ do in the building industry …

    Here’s a more radical way of saying that: Controlling the people is GOVERNED in much the same way as housing the people is …

    • Should perhaps read – … fulfil the exact same function as innappropriate regulations and incongruous immigration policy do in the Real Estate industry …

    • Zedd

       /  March 14, 2017


      a voice of reason.. “good onya !” 🙂

      Ive heard that many countries that HAVE legalised it, are now either reducing their police numbers OR moving them to dealing with REAL crime (Rape, Murder, Robbery etc.). In Holland they have reportedly, even closed some prisons.

      **Just look at the news in NZ, much of the police activity IS gang/drug related

      • Cheers Zedd 🙂 Likewise … back atchya!

        1) Legalise cannabis and we could focus existing police resources where they’re really needed, including on Meth/P and alcohol related harm – plus save on the cost of more police – reduce the prison and home-detention populations, the Court workload, and also remove the unjust ‘criminal record’ stigma that thousands-upon-thousands of relatively ordinary Kiwis carry around …

        2) A big issue (and political stumbling block) might be the quashing of so many historical cannabis convictions … and possible calls for compensation …?

        Perhaps all the savings made in 1) could fund a compensation industry for 2)? *jest*

        • PDB

           /  March 14, 2017

          “A big issue (and political stumbling block) might be the quashing of so many historical cannabis convictions … and possible calls for compensation …?”

          Why? The law is the law at the time it was being enforced regardless if that law is changed later.

          Should the govt today fine everybody for only paying 12.5% GST in the past because now it’s 15%? Should all people hanged in the past be compensated now?

          • Jeez PDB … I’m trying to create another grievance industry here … to maybe replace the cannabis ‘crime & punishment industry’ …

            Quashing of convictions has been mooted for people convicted under our previous homosexual laws …

            We should have a system where these things can be tested in Court …

            Mmmm, maybe not, after the High Court’s recent finding that there’s nothing wrong with exporting virtually ‘raw’ ancient swamp Kauri as “finished artworks”.

            The Kauri apparently has no intrinsic historical, cultural or fossil value worthy of protection … So we end up importing souveneir trinkets and baubles from China made in sweatshops from our own ancient Kauri …

            I feel something *neoliberal* coming on …

  5. Until legislation is introduced that outlaws “Gangs”, we will never get control of the crime statistics. It should not be beyond the wit of people-kind to develop a system of establishing criteria for gang membership to be declared criminal without involving sports clubs etc. Evidence of drug selling, hate crimes , murder, concealing unlicensed weapons, sexual crimes, trading in people, kidnapping, threatening behaviour, use of intimidation by dress, types of vehicles used as a group.
    You know all of the anti-social behaviours associated with gangs that need to be defined as outlaws, and by definition lose all rights to own or sell property, in addition to being tried under criminal law regulations like everyone else, and being subject to punishment as an “outlaw” that should receive the same treatment as a recidivist?