Reaction to Family and Whanau Violence Bill

The Family and Whanau Violence Bill that was introduced into Parliament yesterday.

Family violence is a big issue. Violence not only affects the well being of adults and children in families, it has adverse flow on effects in health, education, crime, imprisonment rates and employment.

I can’t find any reaction from Labour.

Green MP Jan Logie in Stuff – Overhaul of family violence laws goes before Parliament:

Green Party women’s spokeswoman Jan Logie said the Government’s reforms were “an important first step”, but she still had concerns about inconsistencies in ensuring the safety of children.

Logie wanted the reinstatement of the Bristol clause, which would refuse abusive former partners access to their children until their safety was assured, and was also concerned about a lack of funding for support services like Women’s Refuge.

“If we’re going to be asking these organisations to do this extra service and they’re struggling to stay open and meet the demand, then it’s not going to work.”

Justice Minister Amy Adams…

…said the safety of children was an “absolutely paramount consideration” both in existing law and the family violence reforms.

“We’ve done a lot more in these reforms, but broadly speaking, the underlying rationale still remains, which…has always and continues to put the safety of children right at the forefront of decision-making.”

Then-Prime Minister John Key announced the overhaul last September…

…saying the Government would not “shy away” from tackling family violence.

“The challenge of reducing family violence lies with all of us, with the Government, the police, social agencies and with everyone who knows that violence is occurring.”

Police Commissioner:

At the time, the announcement was welcomed by Police Commissioner Mike Bush, who said being able to identify family violence offenders more easily would make it easier for police to provide support.

Women’s Refuge media release:

Women’s Refuge welcomes The Family and Whānau Violence Legislation Bill

The introduction of the much anticipated Family and Whānau violence legislation has been warmly welcomed by family violence organisation Women’s Refuge. The legislation introduced to parliament today places a far greater emphasis upon victim safety – a long overdue and applauded move. This change will see the justice sector required to place victim safety at the heart of much of their decision making, especially in to care of children and bail issues.

Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury says “we are very pleased to see the government has taken seriously the concerns and suggestions from those working at the coal face in crafting this comprehensive piece of family violence legislation; the strong emphasis on the safety of victims and their children is a great move”

Under the proposed legislation, processes around the granting and policing of Protection Orders by the Courts have been significantly strengthened. Information including risk factor information will now be made available to Police Districts when an Order is granted and breaches of Protection Orders will now be treated as aggravating factors at sentencing. In addition all bail applications before the Court must include careful consideration of victim safety.

“Incidents of family violence and abuse including breaches of Protection Orders are rarely isolated or ‘one off’ incidents, they are deliberate and frequently repeated. To see this reflected in the way the courts sentence is a significant step towards ensuring a victim’s safety is paramount”

Legislation changes will also include better recording and acknowledgement of family violence, better information sharing provisions between government and family violence agencies, the introduction of a code of practice across the sector, and the inclusion of new classes of offences. While Women’s Refuge has yet to see the details of all of these, they are positive about the proposed changes.

“We are pleased to see focused attention to strangulation and marriage by coercion with the introduction of these new offences. The inclusion of animal abuse in the new definition is also extremely pleasing as we know that threats of harm to pets are a frequent control tactic utilised by perpetrators; to see this explicitly recognised is a great step forward.”

The Family and Whānau Violence Legislation Bill was introduced to Parliament today to overhaul the Domestic Violence Act, amend five Acts and make consequential changes to over thirty pieces of law.

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  1. Corky

     /  16th March 2017

    Saw a Maori Shelia whining that Maori children need to be fostered into a Maori environment.
    She’s an example of why self reflection is such an important ability to acquire. Because without it you look like an idiot in front of the camera.

    • Pickled Possum

       /  16th March 2017

      You know Corky some-thing worse; is some-one whinging about a whinga.
      I call that Equal Opportunity whinging. Some thing you excel in
      Maori going from dysfunctional families are better off in functioning Maori families.
      Just like non-Maori. Dontcha think?
      Not every one has the scepticism required to have your world view Corky and honestly not many people hold your very negative view of Maori and also while I’m on a Roll Corky there are some very positive things happening in the Maori world; like graduation day today in the Wai Tec. With lots of Maori along side of Scottish Welsh English Indian Chinese in all their colourful ethnicities, getting caped.
      To the stalwarts of comprehension etc; Put a comma where ever is necessary or just take a breath.
      Got a possum to skin.

      • Gezza

         /  16th March 2017

        [👍🌹 Nothing further to add. Ed. ]

      • Corky

         /  16th March 2017

        ‘Not every one has the skepticism required to have your world view Corky and honestly not many people hold your very negative view of Maori and also while I’m on a Roll Corky there are some very positive things happening in the Maori world;’

        I think you are right. I’m skeptical based on experience. Most people don’t have the experience and therefore fall for bureaucratic bs from both Maori and sickly white liberals.

        Waitangi celebrations is a mild example of Maori who are so dumb they can’t see the consequences of their actions.

        Again you are correct when you say positive things are happening in Maoridom, but that is individual effort. The collective structure of Maordiom is rotten to the core.

        • Griff

           /  16th March 2017

          There is just not enough suitable Maori family’s willing to foster children.
          There is not enough foster parents full stop.
          Having only Maori family’s foster Maori children is not going to happen until more family put their hands up to do so.
          The previous idea was that children have to go to the wider whanau ignoring that often the entire whanau is dysfunctional so pushing children from one dysfunctional household to the next.

          Child first should have always been the focus.
          Not whanau first and bugger the kids.

          The number of foster children in my wider whanau is over five at any given time .
          Including some who have now been adopted into my family .

          Our awareness of culture and its importance for children to develop a sense of identity is more developed than it was in the past
          You can now give children access to their culture without being a member of that culture your self .

          • PDB

             /  16th March 2017

            I actually agree with you Griff – the child’s best interests must trump those of Whanau.

        • Corky, IMHO, one of the most absurd polarisations in modern post-Rogernomics pragmatist thought (if it can be called “thought”) is the ludicrous, fabricated dichotomy between EITHER individual OR group … be it culture, hapu, iwi, community …

          As if these things can ever possibly be separated …

          Do people say this about companies and corporations? No, of course they don’t, and yet, like any group of individuals, they are just groups of individuals …

          Individualism is at once a base and highly sophisticated brainwashing technique … a community and cultural gutting knife … and a justification for de-humanised isolation.

          • FGANSAZ

             /  16th March 2017

            PartisanZ, I understood the three posts above yours.They were concise and relevant. I don’t get the relevance of your post apart from what I presume is the point of individuals not being separate identities from their racial collective.
            That may be debatable. But I see no point in proceeding down that avenue.

            • You’re Right FGANSAZ, no point in proceeding … We won’t be able to create unnecessary polarisation, argument, opposition and ideological combat if not for false dichotomies …

              I take it you mean “individuals not being separate identities from their racial collective” if they’re Maori? Does this apply to Pakeha racial collective?

              In false dichotomies our future lies … lies … and more lies …

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  16th March 2017

        Do you want more possums to skin, Possum? My trap killed three last night. First time I’ve seen more than one at a time. But I threw them into the tide for the fish and seabirds to eat. It was a bit too far to lug them back to where the hawks could see them.

        • Griff

           /  16th March 2017

          One Aussie tree f**ker last night here
          You using a ?
          Mine killed about a dozen in the first two weeks .
          Since then steady at about one every two weeks as they come into my patch of bush from the surrounding area .
          My dog eats the remains… double win free dog tucker and no more tree rats.
          Soon will get a rat / stoat one to reduce their numbers as well .
          What I really need is someone to invent one for wild pigs.
          The yokels in the area breed and release the bloody things for hunting.
          Plays havoc with the pasture .

          • Alan Wilkinson

             /  16th March 2017

            Yes. I’m well over a dozen now but have had to move it around every few days. So far no more than three in one site but the haul last night makes me think I might get more there.

          • Pickled Possum

             /  16th March 2017

            There are many homemade pig traps just google it and pick the one that suits you. I would put one up for you butt some of them come with a caution or they are dead Boring! Some just show a huge boar/sow caught, with filming of them trying to get out of the trap. Wild (feral) pigs are Strong and if you are not quick to flip them they may end up slicing you.

            If you practice the bio-dynamic principle of burning the possum genitals and then mix with water, spread around your garden the possums Really!!! don’t come around. The potentiated mixture will last for a while. Try it.

            Hunters will always release pigs, it’s a guaranteed way to always have pork at their back door.

            • Griff

               /  16th March 2017

              I have considered making a trap from steel reinforcing mesh and 50x50x5 angle.
              The dog got a small one just before Christmas. .i don’t want him out there hunting because he will get cut up by some of the big buggers around .A local has been hunting a few times from my block recently . It takes him about five minutes to get a pig.
              He seems to be aware that there are too many at present and has promised to return a few more times to cut the numbers down and scare the rest off for a while.

    • Blazer

       /  16th March 2017

      makes perfect sense to…me.


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