Media failure over donation reporting?

Posted yesterday (Sunday) at 9:30 am on Whale Oil: Another big donation for National, none for Labour yet

National has scored another big donation, again from Stone Shi.

A New Zealand Herald article National gets $50k donation from Oravida founder is quoted (without being linked), dated Friday.

So, Act and National are receiving big donations. Why isn’t Labour?

Then an our later at Whale Oil: So, a rich man gave money to Labour and the Greens, yet no one reported it

Earlier today I posted about the media announcing that Stone Shi gave $50,000 to the National party and that Jenny Gibbs has given a hundy to Act.

But, what is curious is the lack of reporting over another large donation, given just a few weeks before Stone Shi’s donation.

So, just three weeks before Stone Shi donated to National, Phillip Mills donated the same amount to the Labour party. Why was there no news of this in the mainstream media?

It isn’t like it is hidden, it is just two entries down the list from the Shi and Gibbs donations.

This can only be a deliberate deception by the NZ Herald to ignore large donations to Labour and highlight large donations to National and Act. It should be noted that on 9 November 2016 Phillip Mills also gave $65,000 to the Green party. Strangely that wasn’t reported either.

The register of donations is published in the interests of transparency to the government, yet the very people who are supposed to guard that transparency have failed the public because they have only reported donations to National and Act and not also to Labour and the Greens.

This is tantamount to a corruption of our news media, willingly, by them. The Media party has an agenda, and here is a perfect example of how they mislead, this time by omitting pertinent facts.

The bias is obvious, you just need to know where to look to reveal it.

National gets a donation, it becomes news. Labour gets a donation, not a mutter, not a murmur, not a mention. That is media dishonesty.

This is gobsmacking on a number of levels.

So Slater cut and pasted a Herald article and used it to diss Labour. Then he slams the ‘dishonest journalism’ that he repeated. I wonder if someone tipped him off to have a look at the donation list himself after his initial post, or perhaps he was just fed the details.

Whale Oil still claims to be media. From About:

Whaleoil is the fastest-growing media organisation in New Zealand. Its brand of news, opinion, analysis and entertainment is finding fertile ground with an audience that is feeling abandoned by traditional news media.

They often criticise other media  – while frequently using other media’s content. They claim they are a new way of doing journalism, much better than those they ridicule.

In this case Slater used Herald content to try and score a political hit against Labour, then turned on the Herald for ‘Dishonest journalism’. That in itself is highly ironic.

But why didn’t Whale Oil report on the donation to Labour three weeks ago? It’s as easy for them to monitor Electoral Commission donation lists as it is for the Herald.

They are slamming the Herald for not reporting on something that they didn’t report themselves, until they reacted to a Herald article that they used for their own purposes.

Whale Oil shows few signs of being a media site that does journalism these days.

The Daily Blog does a lot more original content than them now.

Whale Oil has reverted to being a blog that relies on repeating other media content, with trashing of the media that feeds them being some of their only original content.

The failure of Whale Oil to report the donation to Labour earlier is a symptom of it’s failure to become a credible alternative media outlet.

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  1. Corky

     /  20th March 2017

    Another big donation for National, none for Labour Donors couldn’t recognise Andy after his face was painted at an Indian festival. Loved the blue stuff in his ears. What Pollies
    do not to be elected.

    What isn’t a laugh is that deadbeat liberal Nicky Hager releasing a new book this week.
    This nasty piece of work has to be put to bed once and for all this time around. Time for the Whaler and Simon Lusk to spark up.

    • Hager has as much right to publish a book as anyone. And like them or not his books have had a lot more impact than Lusk/Slater publishing.

      Slater promises and promises and promises but is yet to deliver.

      Hager says nothing in advance and just delivers for maximum impact.

      • Corky

         /  20th March 2017

        Fair point…although he didn’t deliver at the last election. If he hates us Righties as much as I perceive he does, he should enter parliment….if he has the balls and the mental ability.

  2. duperez

     /  20th March 2017

    “Whale Oil still claims to be media” ? That’s a reasonable claim. “Credible alternative media outlet”? Well, to most the answer to that is clear.

    The answer to their interminable wailing about what they see as crap MSM is to produce what they have and do. That effort sees MMSM – More Mainly Shit Media.

    • Corky

       /  20th March 2017

      Errol Flynn always said when you are down on your luck with not a penny to spare, dress immaculately and act confidentially. Worked for Errol. If the Whaler gets his dress sense in order, he’s home and hosed.


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