A Labour BLiP at The Standard

‘BLiP’ is well known at The Standard  for his list of alleged lies told by John Key. A lot of the items on that list were quite questionable, but that didn’t stop The Standard re-displaying the list from time to time.

BLiP was not required to provide evidence in support of his claims – anyone attacking Key and National in particular and also other parties at The Standard can say virtually what they like without being moderated.

Some of the moderators (BLiP is one) are much more touchy about any criticism of Labour in particular, and also criticism of their allies, the Greens.

In a recent exchange:

red-blooded 1.2.3

Peters has always said that he’d deal with the largest party first. This does suggest problems, as L/G are not one party (plus his antipathy towards the Greens is well-known and longstanding). I hope I’m wrong, but I do think we should be concerned about the idea of Winston choosing who forms the next government.

  • weka1.2.3.1

    So either that means he would first deal with National. Or, he’s going with the intent of MMP and he would deal with L/G first if they had higher numbers. But given Peters has monkeywrenched MMP I also don’t have much hope. More likely is he will imply something and then just do whatever afterwards.

    This stuff really needs to be clarified by the MSM during the election campaign.

Several claims about Winston Peters that were left unsubstantiated, as is normal.

I responded:

Pete George

But L/G ends on election day. It is a campaign arrangement with an end date before coalition wrangling begins.

Labour obviously want to keep their coalition options open. Particularly if NZ First gets more votes than Greens (a distinct possibility, if voters dump National they are more likely to vote NZF than Greens).

The MSM can’t clarify what Peters will do before the election. I doubt Labour will clarify what their strategy is either.

Remember that Labour has shat all over the Maori and Mana Parties and has ruled out dealing with them. That leaves either NZF or Greens.

Unless Labour+Greens can for a majority on their own the Greens are in a weak bargaining position.

[BLiP: Provide evidence of Labour having “ruled out dealing with [maori and Mana parties]” in your very next comment or do not post here again for one week. Up to you.]

Touchy, and a typical double standard.

I responded three times with different justifications for my claim. BLiP has not even acknowledged my replies, instead leaving the impression that I didn’t comply with his demand. I presume that is deliberate.

Andrew Little and Labour have made it clear they don’t want to deal with the Maori and Mana parties. They have made it clear they want to deal to them – to wipe them out of Parliament.

NZ Herald reported on Little at Ratana in January:

Labour leader Andrew Little has further distanced Labour from the Maori Party while also dismissing Hone Harawira’s Mana Movement as “irrelevant”.

Speaking at Ratana Pa near Wanganui this morning, Little all but ruled out forming a post-election coalition with the Maori Party or Mana Movement, which have agreed to work together to win back Maori seats.

Little said Labour would work with parties which had “a practical set of ideas of what can be done” for Maori.

The Maori Party had been “shackled” to the National Party for nine years, and National had failed Maori, he said.

“Why the Mana Party would want to now shackle itself to the Maori Party is entirely up to them, but they are totally irrelevant.”

Last month also from the Herald:

But it takes two to tango and Labour leader Andrew Little was putting on dancing shoes with sprigs.

He was not interested in the tango.

He was interested in the danse macabre; he wanted to kill off the Maori Party completely.

Little went into a lengthy, full-blown tirade against the Maori Party on RNZ.

He downgraded the Maori Party as a future support partner from “far from the first cab on the rank” to “simply not in my contemplation.”

He then declared the Maori Party was “not kaupapa Maori” [based on Maori values].

From Stuff in early March: Little signals Greens will be ‘first cab off the rank’ in post-election talks

“There are two other Opposition parties, apart from Labour, that we work closely together with and I contemplate both being candidates for partners or support partners to form a government.”

In an interview on The Nation earlier this month:

But do voters deserve to know that? You know, he’s a potential coalition partner. Would you countenance him as Deputy Prime Minister?Little: Voters want to know what are the parties that we have good relations with and who are likely to be part of a coalition arrange – a set of coalition arrangements. We have a good relationship with the Green Party. We have a good relationship with New Zealand First.

Okay, so you’re not ruling it out. You’re not ruling it out.

Little: If I have the privilege after the 23rd of September to form a Government, my first phone call will go to the Greens and New Zealand First will be not far behind.

Noticeably excluded are the Maori and Mana parties from Little’s contemplations and ruling in.

Why is BLiP so intent on suppressing an impression that Little has repeatedly made obvious?

I note that BLiP made no attempt to argue against Labour’s impression, he just banned and censored what he didn’t want posted.

Posted under Little’s name on the Labour Party website:

“If Māori want to see progress on the problems they face in housing, health and education, then they should back their Labour candidate.

“We have a plan to turn the position of Māori around and we’ll be running a campaign to show how Māori will be better served by a strong Labour Māori voice around the Cabinet table.”

He seems to think that Labour alone can properly serve Māori.

I’ll leave this post with this impression from Andrew Little: Maori King is ‘abusing his office’ by endorsing Rahui Papa for the Maori Party:

As to the plan to restore a relationship between Labour and Kingitanga, the Maori King movement?

“We’re going to campaign and win and we’ll beat the Maori Party,” he said.

“The problem with the King is that for whatever reason he’s allowed himself to become a mouthpiece for a single political party in a way that no previous head of Kingitanga has done.

That’s rather ironic given that Little is the mouthpiece for a single political party that  wants to be the sole representative of Maori voters.

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  1. Gezza

     /  24th March 2017

    Garn PG. You know the rules. One post. Ban.

  2. Kevin

     /  24th March 2017

    Even if you backed up every sentence with a hundred or so supporting links that wouldn’t have been enough. As well as demanding supporting links one of their other favourites ways of harassing is accusing the person of being “disruptive” – Weka is particularly good at that one.

    And they seem to have problems telling the difference between opinion and stating a fact.

    • And the ‘wasting moderator’s time’ excuse – when they’re the ones choosing to waste their time.

      • Gezza

         /  24th March 2017

        Psycho Milt seems to have a charmed life there.

        • Those deemed not right wing tend to have charmed lives.

          Note that Weka and others started labeling Colonial Viper as ‘effectively right wing’ and then started banning him.

          • Kevin

             /  24th March 2017

            Which is ironic considering CV believed the problem with Labour was that it wasn’t left-wing enough. The only thing “right wing” about CV was that he was a Trump supporter.

            • Missy

               /  24th March 2017

              I didn’t think he was a Trump supporter, IIRC he just read the way the election was going and picked Trump to win.

              I always thought his biggest sin during the US election was not supporting Hilary.

          • Why even bother posting there? you are relentlesley ridiculed over every utterence ,but for years you keep going back , your a sucker for punishment.

            • Kevin

               /  24th March 2017

              I find it a challenge seeing how long I can last over there without getting a ban. My record so far is three months.

      • Kevin

         /  24th March 2017

        If I recall correctly CV ended up being accused of all three – not providing links, being disruptive, and wasting the moderator’s time.

  3. duperez

     /  24th March 2017

    One can be pedantic and question just about everything. For example you said here, “He seems to think that Labour alone can properly serve Māori.”
    That is a conclusion which might be reasonable from the evidence. Saying that, like that, on that site might attract the order of The Boot.
    Would putting it as “has created the impression that Labour…” or “seems to be trying to create the impression…” elicit a different response? Would you saying it be treated differently than if I said it?

    I agree with “touchy, and a typical double standard.” You missed out “temperamental, inconsistent and petulant.”

    I wonder if it’s possible to have reasonable political discourse, accepting different opinions and positions, dealing with the extreme lunatic fringe, and being fair and reasonable without resorting to acting like the extreme lunatic fringe.

  4. Kevin

     /  24th March 2017

    The Left’s approach regarding debate is simple. Robust debate is encouraged so long as you agree on the basics. For example robust debate on Key’s legacy is encouraged but you have to agree that he’s evil incarnate. Likewise robust debate about AGW is encouraged but you have to do agree that it’s real and if we don’t do something now the whole planet will be underwater in ten years time.

    • Blazer

       /  24th March 2017

      re Keys legacy,yesterday I asked for what people thought were his most memorable and/or successful initiatives….there were NO takers.

      • Kevin

         /  24th March 2017

        I’ve asked the same kind of thing re Jacinda. No takers either.

        • Blazer

           /  24th March 2017

          so P.M for 8 years versus an opposition M.P.Chalk and cheese.

          • Kevin

             /  24th March 2017

            For someone to get the job as deputy leader of the opposition you would expect they’ve achieved a few things other than look good for woman mags.

            • Blazer

               /  24th March 2017

              Bennett and the invisible …flying squad’ type achievements…you think.

  5. Nelly Smickers

     /  24th March 2017

    BREAKING @ 3:30pm

    Reported on *Radiolive* …. the Hagaman’s have rejected Andrew Little’s apology and will sue him in court ❗

    ❤ loved this little comment from *thedavincimode* @ kiwiblog……

    "…maybe Earl can use the cash from Angry to improve on that rug he wears" XD XD


    • Blazer

       /  24th March 2017

      old,stale news…Hagaman could star in a weekend at Bernies type movie…in Vanuatu.


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