Another book from Hager?

Will Nicky Hager launch another book this year?

He only recently revealed he would be launching what turned out to be the book he co-wrote with Jon Stephenson, Hit & Run. Stephenson presumably did most of the investigating, and it was not a long book (I think not much over a hundred pages).

Before the launch it was said that the book wasn’t targeting or would affect the election campaign like Hager’s last book, Dirty Politics.

There’s time for another book launch before September. Does Hager have another book up his sleeve?

I’m just wondering, I haven’t heard anything about another Hager book this year. He manages to keep his launch plans fairly secret.

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  1. Gezza

     /  25th March 2017

    “Nicky Hager can be contacted by email to

    • Corky

       /  25th March 2017

      Interesting link. No doubt an achiever in many fields. I did notice an interesting link on his site simply headed ‘Mossad.’ No mention of ‘Hamas.’ Should I be surprised?

  2. artcroft

     /  25th March 2017

    I think you can count on it.

  3. Pete Kane

     /  25th March 2017

    Hope so.

  4. Corky

     /  25th March 2017

    It doesn’t matter. Maybe another book before the election would be a killer blow to Labours chances of winning. Although with Andy at the helm, killer blows are a speciality, on themselves. Bring it on Hager. Billy and the public are waiting.

  5. Bill Brown

     /  26th March 2017

    He is writing another book – a well placed source said he’s nearly done

    • Blazer

       /  26th March 2017

      as his vocation is …’author’..its hardly a revelation BB. [Don’t dig and speculate on identities. PG]


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