Q & A – war crime?

This morning on Q & A: Human Rights lawyer Marianne Elliott worked for the UN in Afghanistan she joins us live. Did they commit a war crime?

Elliot is director of Action Station.

Statement from NZDF admitting there was a suspected civilian casualty after 2010 SAS raid in Afghanistan

Elliott: an ISAF assessment is not the same as an independent investigation. ISAF is a military assessment of a military operation.

She believes a new independent inquiry can be effective – the attacks took place in 2010.

Is the book politically motivated? Elliott says there has been a politically motivated cover up.

Corin Dann says that the politicians may not have been properly informed. Elliott says again the cover up is politically motivated.

It is very important any inquiry has credibility with the Afghan people affected.

“What the people wants is the truth”. Action Station have surveyed their community.

Was it a possible war crime? Is that an appropriate claim?

Elliott: Yes.

No intention to kill civilians – but that doesn’t  rule out carelessness or error of judgement – errors of judgement will frequently happen in wars.

She feels strongly that “our troops deserve an inquiry”.


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  1. NOEL

     /  26th March 2017

    The ISAF report was mentioned by NZDEF HQ in it’s first claims of no civilian casualties.
    Which brings us back to the question “when did they first become aware there were civilian casualities”?
    Watching the same Maori channel as Mapp?


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