Q&A: the state of the left wing

On Q&A this morning: John McTernan, former advisor to British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Australian Labor Party talks about the state of left wing.

Clinton lost to Trump because she didn’t make an emotional connection with voters.

Jeremy Corbyn is doing terrible damage to the left in Britain.

What about Little and emotional connection? Difficult to look like a Prime Minister when in opposition. He needs to come alive during the election campaign. Also to run on issues that emotionally connect with voters like housing.

Greens – the big challenge for Labour is to hold on to labourers, workers. Their concerns are more socially conservative than Greens and Labour needs to double down and hold on to it’s base (maybe too late for that).

Labour have to win the centre and than govern to the left.

It looks likely National will be returned but you can’t count on anything in elections.

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  1. NOEL

     /  26th March 2017

    Must admit I don’t watch Q and A along with the vast majority of viewers.
    Wonder if it will make it into national news?

    • The Nation and Q&A are used to generate evening news stories so something from this morning is almost certain to become ‘news’.

  2. Corky

     /  26th March 2017

    ‘He needs to come alive during the election campaign.’ While Billy English is no great Charisma star, its hard to find anything about Andy that may come alive during the election.
    He seems to have only two modes…foot shooter Andy, or Angry Andy. I can’t see that changing.

    • Blazer

       /  26th March 2017

      maybe Andy and Billy should just have a ..dry ..porridge wrestling contest,to decide.

  3. David

     /  26th March 2017

    “Labour have to win the centre and than govern to the left.”

    Labour have no intention of winning the centre. They have relegated themselves to a sub-30% party, hoping to cobble together a majority with whatever support they can get and waiting for National to run out of steam and annoy enough people that Labour squeaks in.

  4. pdm

     /  26th March 2017

    David – I think you have nailed it!!


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