Conservative Party active

The Conservative Party obviously has a big hill to climb (one that’s 5% high) after the debacle involving Colin Craig. But they are very active on their website at least, probably more active than any of the other parties.


Website: Conservative Party ‘Putting power back in the hands of the people’

Not so active on their Facebook page which seems to have just been revived after a few years in limbo.



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  1. Bill Brown

     /  28th March 2017

    This guy is dead & buried politically – full stop

    He’s really a national embarrassment

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  28th March 2017

      Well, he comes up with original slogans and ideas (laughs loudly)

    • You make the mistake of commenting on Colin Craig, a different identity to the Conservative Party.

      • patupaiarehe

         /  28th March 2017

        No mistake Duncan, they are a ‘tainted brand’, due to his ‘efforts’. They have two chances of getting in to parliament. Little, & none at all… 😀

  2. 15 Feb I sent the CP a question:
    I’m interested to know, will Colin Craig be involved with the CP in any way at all, either now or in the foreseeable future?
    Kevin Stitt”s quick response:
    Thanks for your question. The media have asked him the same question. My understanding is his response has been if the defamation cases he is embroiled in prove him to be innocent of that which of he has been accused, then he will consider further involvement. He recognises that he made some poor choices and that has cost him dearly, but Needs to have his name cleared before he can hope to regain any credibility. The results of defamation cases could be finalised by June or July, but if retrials occur then this could extend out for another year or two.

  3. Bill Brown

     /  28th March 2017

    Given Colin Craig is self represented i wonder if it’s his arrogance, no money left, or no lawyer can be bothered with him?!?!

    I suspect the outcome of the money is just the small part, it’s going to be the damaging material we yet know about

    Busy time for Andrew Little to with defamation

  1. Conservative Party active – NZ Conservative Coalition

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