Q+A: Paula Bennett

This morning NZ Q+A interviews  Paula Bennett:

Will increasing police numbers reduce crime? Is it time to limit visitor numbers before we ruin the tourist experience for everyone?

Jessica Mutch interviews Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett about two of her big portfolios – police and tourism.

Looking in particular at Chines tourism, and how can our infrastructure cope with the increasing numbers.

A balance of quantity versus quality.

She’s not a big fan of a tourist tax because NZ is already “really expensive” for visitors.

When she’s on a serious topic in a formal interview Bennett comes across as well informed about her responsibilities.

Interview: No tourist tax because NZ is too “expensive” – Tourism Minister (7:24)

Interview: Catching up on police numbers – Police Minister (7:49)

Panel response: Paula Bennett – Panel (9:57)


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  2. Gezza

     /  2nd April 2017

    Sorry I missed that. might try & catch the re-run @ 11.30pm tonite.


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