The Nation – Maori and Mana parties

This morning on The Nation at 9:30 am (repeated Sunday morning 10:00 am):

When the Maori and Mana parties signed an agreement to work together in election year, it looked like their bad blood could be a thing of the past. But with their recent spat over the Ture Whenua or Maori Land Bill, cracks have already started to show… we’ll talk to Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox.

Fox says the strength of the Mana/Maori Party alliance is they can talk about their differences

“The Ture Whenua is a good bill.”

Harawira called the Ture Whenua bill a poisonous cancer. Is that irrational?

Fox: Yes.

She is a refreshingly no-nonsense politician.

She says there is no impasse over the bill, they have arranged to meet and talk it over.

‘A vote for Maori Party is a vote for National’ is “ridiculous”.

“”I think we punch above our weight”.

On Little saying the Maori Party was not kaupapa – after the 4% poll Fox says that senior Labour MPs sidled up and asked if they could consider supporting Maori (but I presume that wasn’t Little).

Newshub report: Hone Harawira is whanau – Marama Fox

Video:  Interview: Marama Fox

Transcript: Lisa Owen interviews Marama Fox

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  1. Nelly Smickers

     /  8th April 2017

    Just watching it now……. looks like Marama dyes her roots black.

  2. Corky

     /  8th April 2017

    ‘Fox says the strength of the Mana/Maori Party alliance is they can talk about their differences’

    That’s bs. You can’t have Maori from different tribal regions and not have tensions boil over eventually…with spite and violence to follow.

  3. Zedd

     /  8th April 2017

    maybe Marama Fox needs to be reminded, that it wasn’t disputes between Maori & Pakeha, that was the biggest issue in the ‘early days’ BUT between Maori & other Maori. Sounds like, not much has changed ?

    Hone left the Maori party.. I cant see him being so buddy/buddy with them now.. a load of hui, but what about the ‘dui’ 😀

  4. Karz

     /  8th April 2017

    I don’t see whats so great about this post. Mainstream parties are divided all the time. National, Labour, Greens – all Pakeha-led parties. But now there’s 2 main Maori parties, they can’t have differences of opinion. All Maori people are not exactly the same – just like not all NZers, Australians, Italians, Americans. Whats the point of this post? Ignorance at its best.

    • The point of the post is to put up a topic that’s on The Nation, as regularly happens here, to give people something to discuss.

      If there were no posts it wouldn’t be much of a blog.


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