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BBC: Russian arrested in Spain ‘over US election hacking’

Spanish police have arrested a Russian programmer for alleged involvement in “hacking” the US election, Spanish press reports have said.

Pyotr Levashov, arrested on 7 April in Barcelona, has now been remanded in custody.

A “legal source” also told the AFP news agency that Mr Levashov was the subject of an extradition request by the US.

El Confidencial, a Spanish news website, has said that Mr Levashov’s arrest warrant was issued by US authorities over suspected “hacking” that helped Donald Trump’s campaign.

Mr Levashov’s wife Maria also told Russian broadcaster RT that the arrest was made in connection with such allegations.

Several cybersecurity experts, including Brian Krebs, have also linked Mr Levashov to a Russian spam kingpin, who uses the alias Peter Severa.


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  1. Missy

     /  11th April 2017

    Today the Police Officer killed by the terrorist at Westminster was laid to rest.

    Permission was granted by the Queen for him to lay in Westminster Palace overnight, this is an honour reserved for senior Government figures and heads of State, the last person to be granted that honour was Tony Benn, and before him Margaret Thatcher.

    The funeral took place at Southwark Cathedral, the funeral procession travelled 2.6 miles from the Palace of Westminster to the Cathedral. Large parts of London around the route had road closures from about 8am to 5pm today. Thousands of Police Officers from all over the country came to London and lined the route.

    From the perspective of just going about your normal business in London there was a different feel, the police in the tourist spots like Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square were more subdued, it must have been a tough day for them, and it has been a very tough few weeks for them all I think.

    It will also have been a tough first day for Cressida Dick the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

  2. Missy

     /  11th April 2017

    There has been a lot of talk in Social Media, Talk Back, and Opinion Pieces about Gibraltar since the triggering of Article 50, most of it has been around the threat of Spain making a bid for gaining back Gibraltar. Spain have increased checks at the border in the last week or so and the general opinion it is them trying to make life difficult for the UK, and make a point.

    What the Spanish Government don’t appear to give much thought to their own citizens with regards to their actions surrounding Gibraltar. For those who live in the area of Spain on the border with Gibraltar they suffer economically every time the Spanish Government tighten – or close – the border with Gibraltar as they rely on Gibraltans coming over the border, but also many work in Gibraltar and it impacts their ability to work.

    The Spaniards who live near Gibraltar are not happy with their own Government, and say that the Spanish Government’s policy towards Gibraltar affects them, in an adverse way mostly. One local said the best solution was to put the border further back so they are on the same side of the border as Gibraltar, he asks how the Spanish Government can ask people they abuse to change Nationality (referring to the Gibraltans).

    A local representative in Spain’s Congress agrees, he says Spain cannot impose joint sovereignty as Spain has not earned the trust of the people of Gibraltar.

    It is interesting how the Spanish Government appear to be acting, not in the country’s best interests here, but rather in an imperialistic manner for their own benefit, but the UK Labour Government in 2001 may also be to blame for the latest round. Jack Straw – the then Foreign Secretary – held secret talks with the Spanish Government and came to an agreement where Sovereignty could be shared between the UK and Spain, this was done without consultation with Gibraltar initially, but said the decision would ultimately lie with Gibraltar in a referendum. In 2002 the Gibraltar Government held a referendum on the issue of joint Sovereignty, 98.97% of people voted against the proposal (leaving 1.03% voting in favour).

    The only UK overseas territory to have a higher vote in favour of the UK retaining Sovereignty was the Falklands in 2013 when 99.8% of voters voted in favour – 3 people voted against, and I understand from an interview done by the Governor that all the Islanders know who voted against remaining a UK dependent overseas territory.


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