Borussia Dortmund bus explosions

Breaking news this morning (discussion already started on other threads):

Stuff: Blasts hits football team bus ahead of Champions League match in Germany

At least three explosions have been reported near the team bus of top German club Borussia Dortmund, injuring one person.

Borussia Dortmund said a person was injured in an incident involving their team bus ahead of their Champions League quarterfinal against Monaco.

German newspaper Bild reported that Spanish defender Marc Bartra had been taken to hospital.

German police stated on Twitter: “In the area of #Dortmund #Hochsten, an #Explosion has taken place. We have strong forces on the ground. The situation is still unclear.”

Three explosive devices were detonated near the Borussia Dortmund team bus, they police later said.

The German side was due to play the French club on Tuesday evening (NZT Wednesday) in the home leg of their quarterfinal tie. The match has been postponed until Wednesday (NZT Thursday).

More information will become known during the (NZ) day.

This is another awful violent event in Europe. It is very difficult to prevent isolated attacks over many countries, and also difficult preventing terrorist attacks from affecting the normal way of life in Europe.

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  1. Pickled Possum

     /  12th April 2017

    “The Normal way of life in Europe” whatz that Pete? seems to change from despot to dictator.
    Normal – will-maybe bring; isolation of people … to scared to travel … to frightened to represent your country in sports … unsure when travel over known trouble spots …
    Will social media be shut down from Real talk by Laws of the Land,
    here in NZ we have the Harmful Digital Communications Act
    … tells you about your rights as an ‘affected individual’.

    The world via the news and social media tells us the World is going to hell in a hand-bag.
    Trump Putin ISIS and all the rest … supposedly supposed to rule our thoughts
    Corky and ilk may think this is going to come to NZ, faster than Buzz Light-year.
    What can an individual do? to change a rotting society.

    These killing people (or sub-humans) that kill, maim and destroy families with Their kupapa, should be put to death.
    I am reminded of the saying 1 rotten apple will spoil the ….

  2. Brown

     /  12th April 2017

    Its too soon to point fingers but the media will be hoping against hope that it was not what we suspect because we have determined a pattern in this ongoing bad behaviour. For many the pattern is very difficult to see however and those who deny it can be forgiven.

    One day these bozo’s will kill someone dear to a nation’s heart and then we will see a kick back. This means politicians can rest easy of course.

    • Missy

       /  13th April 2017

      So far it has led to one arrest, and another person being investigated.

  3. Missy

     /  13th April 2017

    An arrest has been made, and I understand a second is being investigated. Some media reports are saying the suspect arrested is an Iraqi.

    It is interesting the police have done an (almost) about turn on public statements regarding the motivation for the attack. Last night they were very quick to say they did not believe that it was a terrorist attack, and that they were not looking at a terrorism connection, today they are investigating a terrorist link.

    A letter was found near the explosions (referenced in the article above posted by dave1924 above). Earlier today there were reports of a second letter claiming responsibility from a left wing anti-fascist group, however, the prosecutors have dismissed this saying there is considerable doubt over its authenticity.

  4. Missy

     /  13th April 2017

    “It is very difficult to prevent isolated attacks over many countries…”

    Pete comments like these are part of the problem. Every time attacks by Muslim extremists are referred to as ‘isolated’ or the attacker is called a ‘lone wolf’ it just gives another out for those that are preaching terrorism, planning attacks, and publicising how to carry these out.

    Whilst they may not be seen to be ‘organised’ like groups such as the IRA or Eta, but they are in their way organised. They use the internet to good effect, and plan, manage, and encourage these attacks, to assume otherwise is arrogant and misguided. I know a guy who was on a RN Ship working in the Med with these so-called refugees coming to Europe, they all had laptops, smartphones, and were very tech savvy – many of these men are also terrorists coming into Europe.

    Calling them isolated diminishes the network’s behind them, and lets them know there are enough useful idiots in the world that will keep people from looking for the connections and the groups.

    These are not isolated, in three weeks we have had attacks in London, St Petersburg, Stockholm, and now Dortmund.

    Calling them isolated attacks helps them not us – we need to start acknowledging that these are not isolated attacks.


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