Espiner interview with Mike Moore


  1. Mike Moore, my hero. My favourite and most esteemed Labour PM.

    • Anonymous Coward

       /  April 13, 2017

      His Mrs was great on Romper Room too.

  2. Blazer

     /  April 13, 2017

    a Labour man that National liked….a man who was unemployable outside politics by his own admission….not gracious in defeat,but a passionate patriot,so will give him a pass mark.

    • A singularly high-achieving New Zealander. A man with the intelligence and flexibility to adapt to needs and have the guts to bring about change when needed. I see him as visionary. He was a ledaing light and a pivotal part of a group of extraordinary men who took this sad, regimented socialist//Muldoonisr backwater and opened it up to deregulation, opportunity, gave us ability to capitalise on our innovative character and disabused our economy of the highly restrictive apron strings of subsidised primary industry.

      • Blazer

         /  April 13, 2017

        so you pinpoint him as one of the culprits in embracing neo liberalism and increasing inequality in a country that used to lead the world in living standards.

    • Corky

       /  April 13, 2017

      Michael Basset has a new book out that rates New Zealand Prime Ministers. Don’t know how Moore was rated, but Fraser came in first. Muldoon didn’t make the cut. Still remember Moore being so wound up during the 95 election?

  3. He hits the nail on the head in his analysis of Laboir’s onward going leadership problems, doesn’t he.

    ” He’s started watching Country Calendar again. “How many of those people on Country Calendar do you think vote Labour now?” I choose the diplomatic route. What do you think the answer is? “None.” Why? “Because we’re not seen to be on the side of those who are strivers,” he says. “I do think we’ve got trouble.”

    What sort of trouble? “I think its basis is how you elect your leader,” he says. “The caucus is our primary and sitting in that caucus you know what is going on and the idea that someone can not have the support in the caucus and the leader has to speak for that is a terrible idea.” ”

    I only hope, like Labour UK, they stuck with this short-sighted activist approach. Suits me.

    • Blazer

       /  April 13, 2017

      Farming is more a corporate business these days is it not?You can’t expect farmers to vote you into power.He has had a lifetime to promote his ideas on leadership selection.We know what suits you Trav…..silver spoons,champagne wishes and caviar…dreams.

      • Ball not man blazer. Am I hoppy that MM and his mates meant NZ lead, rather than got dragged into the deregulation that spread the jam on my bread as well as Messrs Todd, Hellaby and the other Govt protected titans who monopolised NZ production scene?

        Yes, yes and of course.

        • Blazer

           /  April 13, 2017

          I’m sure the jam was spread thick on the bread of the top 10%,while the other 90% scrounged for…crusts,amid a climate of retrenchment and despair as govt assets were offloaded for cents in the dollar to selective govt donors.All done in…the best possible ..taste.Gibbs still can’t help bragging how the govt enabled him to turn $50k deferred payment into…$230 million!Thats taxpayers money…baby.

          • Todd, Hellaby and Co continued to do well as far as I know … Labour added their own new level of “protected titans” – their chosen merchant banker cronies (or alternatively prove to me Fay Richwhite & Co tendered for the ‘rights’?) – better known as Robber Barons – given the privilege of selling state assets and hard-won-citizen-built taxpayer-funded essential infrastructure to overseas profit-taking wreckers … several of which the taxpayer later had to buy back or bail-out and rescue once they’d been asset stripped and profit eviscerated …

            At least Moore’s up-front about it, “Bullshit … We discussed it all the time” …

            A bit like: Bullshit … We unionist-parented, worker-taxpayer funded, free university educated M*fuckers knew all along we were going to pull the ladder up behind us …

            BULLSHIT is Right …

            Meet the new bosses … fewer and richer than the old bosses …

            And woe betide us … How on earth did we EVER survive those terrible years of protectionism, repressed Kiwi ingenuity and restricted innovation that gave us, amongst so so many other things, the Hamilton Jet engine, Britten motorcycle, Gallagher electric fence, Ashley Hart Thermette, Lynn tipping blade portable sawmill, Murdoch disposable syringe and tranquiliser gun, Light Easy-Yo Yoghurt maker, Pritchard Aerial topdressing to name but a tiny few ….

            Yous can stop with the “financial crisis” revisionist NZ history now at least … This is NZ the way you wanted it … Its just gonna take forever “more police, more prisons” to keep it THIS way … and “that’s business”!!! That’s what you wanted …