Media bias NZ – updated

UPDATE to the media bias chart:


I don’t think The Standard meets higher standards than The Daily Blog, it is in the main a political PR vehicle.

While average comments at Kiwiblog may be rightish overall David Farrar’s posts are quite mixed, hardly the most right wing media in New Zealand.

Edit#2 2nd version complete, please have a look. Thanks for your advice and for being kind when there were mistakes! I received 15 survey responses, thanks a bunch!

That’s a very small self selected sample.

For reference I used this list to grab the top 3 blogs in NZ. Whaleoil is not on the list, if it is still popular please let me know.

There are a lot of blogs not on the Open parachute list. Whale Oil would still probably be the most popular blog by clicks (a very rough measure of popularity number of page views doesn’t necessarily equate to ‘popular’) but Kiwiblog and The Standard wouldn’t be much different based on number of comments.

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  1. More discussion at Reddit on this about tweaking things.

  1. Media bias NZ – updated – NZ Conservative Coalition

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