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BBC: Turkey referendum: Final campaigning ahead of landmark vote

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seeking to replace the parliamentary system with an executive presidency.

Approval could see him stay in office until 2029.

Supporters say a “yes” vote would streamline and modernise the country; opponents fear the move would lead to increasingly authoritarian rule.

The referendum could bring about the biggest change to the governing system since the modern republic was founded almost a century ago.

It also takes place under a state of emergency which was imposed following a failed coup last July. A government crackdown since then has seen tens of thousands of people arrested.

What’s in the new constitution?

  • The president would be able to directly appoint top public officials, including ministers
  • He would also be able to assign one or several vice-presidents
  • The job of prime minister, currently held by Binali Yildirim, would be scrapped
  • The president would have power to intervene in the judiciary, which Mr Erdogan has accused of being influenced by Fethullah Gulen, the Pennsylvania-based preacher he blames for the July 2016 coup against him
  • The president would decide whether or not impose a state of emergency
Grey line

Critics fear the change would put too much power in the president’s grasp, amounting to one-man rule, without the checks and balances of other presidential systems.

Sounds like Erdogan is seeking a mandate for a virtual dictatorship.

If he loses the vote is that going to stop him?

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  1. patupaiarehe

     /  16th April 2017

    IMHO, this one is pretty relevant to everything ATM.

    Before you hit the ‘ban hammer’, Pete, please reflect on what you have allowed ‘Duncan’ to post here… Just saying… 😀

    • patupaiarehe

       /  16th April 2017

      Repugnant is a creature, who would squander the ability, to lift an eye to heaven, conscious of his fleeting time here….

    • I really don’t get your comment. A wide range of comments and views are allowed here, encouraged here. I don’t ban ideas and opinions, what I do is moderate bad behaviour and offensive material that are detrimental to the well being and functioning of the forum.

      I’m not going to argue content based on “but they posted something I didn’t like….”, just like I can’t be bothered with “they posted something i think was offensive, I should be able to be as offensive as I like”.

      On this song I’d only ask why you posted it in this thread? I don’t see the particular relevance here.

      • patupaiarehe

         /  17th April 2017

        Sorry. Please disregard it. Put it down to an early morning ‘brain fart’, by someone whom the madness in this world, has almost overwhelmed. C is ‘right on the money’, as usual.

    • Conspiratoor

       /  16th April 2017

      Hey there pat, late night or early morning? Given the content and the reference to mysterious Duncan, I’d say the former. Get some sleep my dear old thing. Cheers,c


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