World news

I’m thinking of trying a different approach to the separate general UK & Europe and US posts.

A lot of the news of interest is more world wide, especially at the moment in the Middle East and Korea, and right now in Turkey which isn’t really Europe.

Brexit has wider implications, today I’m going to post on how it may affect New Zealand.

And a lot of what the US does has world wide interest and effects.

So I suggest putting up a ‘World news’ post at about midnight NZ time (midday-ish UK time, early to mid-morning in the US).

This means Missy and others from the other side of the world can post during their day (and Kiwi insomniacs). And when I start my day I can move some of those topics to posts of their own if I think they will be of particular interest (and as time allows).

Any thoughts on this approach? Suggestions on what to call it? It should be more serious than World Wide Waffle.

Or would you prefer to leave things as they are?


  1. Gezza

     /  April 17, 2017

    Worth a try I reckon PG.

  2. TBH I rarely read the UK posts but often enjoy the different sources of info from commenters in the US posts. Happy to go with the crowd. As always I appreciate your efforts in running – and keeping relevant – an excellent blog 🙂