Prince Harry and mental stress

Missy posts on Price Harry and his revelations about his struggles with mental health since the death of his mother Princess Diana:

Over the last few years I have noticed more and more that Prince Harry has been supporting and promoting Mental Health Charities, one of which he supports along with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – Heads Together.

Today we may have received a glimpse into part of the reason. In an exclusive with the Telegraph – that has been picked up by other news outlets – Prince Harry opened up about his issues after the death of his Mother, and how he had difficulty dealing with it. He disclosed that he was close to a breakdown on a number of occasions and it wasn’t until his late 20’s that he finally sought counselling for it, with the encouragement of his brother. One of the symptons he displayed was aggression, and he turned to boxing as an outlet for this, and he said that the boxing saved him.

There had been speculation that Prince Harry suffered Mental Health issues from his time in Afghanistan, but he says this is not the case, and it was dealing with the very public death of his mother that really affected him. He indicates that it was through talking to soldiers who suffer Mental Health issues that he started to realise he needed help.

The interview is the first in a podcast series for the Telegraph, and is 30mins long.

The Telegraph: Prince Harry: I sought counselling after 20 years of not thinking about the death of my mother, Diana, and two years of total chaos in my life

I haven’t heard it all, but there has been widespread praise for Prince Harry to be so open about his issues with Mental Health problems, and seeking help to deal with his feelings and grief. There is hope that this will go a long way to help de-stigmatise Mental Health issues in the UK.

Two of the charities that Prince Harry publicly supports for Mental Health are:

In NZ the Mental Health Foundation is a good starting point:

I should note, this is a personal thing for me, many years ago a friend of our family suffering depression committed suicide, and only last year someone I used to work with also committed suicide. In the case of both of them their families and loved ones were unaware of their problems and suffering as neither had talked to anyone.

I just want to say that if anyone on here, or anyone you know, is going through a rough patch I hope that you either have someone you can talk to, or are someone they can talk to. Sometimes that is all that is needed – to talk. #oktosay (heads together hashtag – but relevant for all).

New Yorker has a profile of Prince Harry’s father, which shows the extraordinary pressure put on members of the royal family, especially on the heir to the throne.

The Prince of Wales makes himself most unpopular when he tries hardest to be a worthy heir to the throne.


  1. Blazer

     /  April 18, 2017

    the Monarchy is a constant reminder of class distinction and quite a repugnant ….institution.

    • Gezza

       /  April 18, 2017

    • Gezza

       /  April 18, 2017

      It symbolises entrenched, entitled power, wealth & privilege, yes, & as such I don’t like it. But its position in the UK is in other ways largely symbolic, historic, & ceremonial, with formal legislative authority that is constrained by their Parliamentary system of democracy. So far the Brits have shown the majority still wish to retain it.

      • Somehow, I doubt Blazer’s voice will hold much sway in the greater analysis of retention or abolition of said monarchy.

        • Gezza

           /  April 18, 2017

          Yes sometimes there is a lot to be said for not saying a lot, and other times there is not.

        • Blazer

           /  April 18, 2017

          Me too…mind you that goes for most opinions on anything. .here.

  2. Pickled Possum

     /  April 18, 2017

    Poor Fella All made worse by the window into his life
    where the paparazzi are permanently fixed.
    The Black Dog barks at many an English man,
    Could be the weather; lack of sunshine.
    Could we be lucky ‘they’ don’t mix
    politics with what ever it is ‘they’ do.

  3. Nelly Smickers

     /  April 18, 2017

    My mum reckins Wayne might have been better off joining this instead of the *Gun Club* o_O

    • Is your Wayne struggling with “head” issues Nelly? A dose of Chopper perhaps? Remind him that “every day above ground is a good day” #htfu 😉

      • Nelly Smickers

         /  April 18, 2017

        TBH trav, that’s something Wayne has never struggled with…right from our very first date.