House of Commons votes for general election

From Missy:

UK General Election update:

The House of Commons voted 522-13 in favour of the General Election on 8 June, exceeding the 2/3 majority required.

13 MPs voted against, including 9 Labour MPs.

115 MPs did not vote, I am unsure if they were all abstentions, or if some were just not in Parliament today. The SNP abstained reportedly along with a handful of Labour MPs.

The Government will make a call this week on the by-election due to be held on 4 May, there are those saying it should not go ahead.

More MPs announced they would not be standing in the election, amongst them George Osborne, which is probably a good thing as his new job as editor of the Evening Standard may have been seen as a conflict of interest.

Parties are already talking potential coalitions in order to keep the Conservatives out of power.

Liberal Democrats have ruled out going into coalition with Labour, but not with the Conservatives. That may be a problem with those voters they lost in 2015 who felt betrayed by their coalition with the Conservatives.

The SNP has said that they will seek a ‘progressive alliance’ with Labour and the Liberal Democrats. This presents 2 problems, the first is that it was the thought of a coalition or alliance between Labour and the SNP that is thought to have given the Conservatives the outright majority in 2015, the second is that the Liberal Democrats have already ruled out working with Labour so I am not sure why Nicola Sturgeon thinks that they will for her.

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  1. Guardian editorial: a poll that Britain does not need

    So let us be very clear. Britain does not need, and its people are not demanding, this general election. There is no crisis in the government. Mrs May is not losing votes in the Commons. The House of Lords is not defying her. No legislation is at risk. There is no war and no economic crisis. Brexit is two years away. The press are not clamouring for an early election. The government has not run out of ideas. The opposition is not ready. Mrs May is enough of a Tory to know that British prime ministers who take over in midterm have no constitutional “need” of a personal mandate, especially when they are in as commanding a position as she currently enjoys. Yet now a supposedly five-year parliament will have lasted for just two, solely because Mrs May thinks this is a good time to crush Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party.

    I don’t think that is the sole reason, but it is certainly an election that Corbyn and Labour don’t need. They are at risk of flying to bits.

    A Parliament needs a strong and credible opposition. The UK doesn’t have that, but an election may make it worse.

    • Missy

       /  20th April 2017

      All of a sudden the Guardian is happy for Theresa May to continue as PM without going to the polls. They are pro EU, anti Brexit, lefties who are (seemingly) lining up to support the Lib Dems.

      Guardian writers were amongst those last year calling for an early election claiming Theresa May had no mandate, now she has called an election they are saying one is not needed. It makes you wonder what they are scared of, it can’t be democracy they (along with all of the left) claim to be democratic, so it is obviously that the vote won’t go their way.

      This comment is pretty much on the button for the stance of the Guardian:

      “What a load of hypocrisy.
      There was a referendum that gave the government the order, against it’s will, to start the process of leaving the EU.
      The Remain camp denied it’s legality and mandate (although of course if it had gone the other way…).
      They said the country didn’t really understand. The electorate was too stupid to be trusted with deciding anything about the future of the UK.
      Give us another referendum they squealed.
      And now, with another poll on the cards, where the ordinary people, not MPs or May over lording, where ordinary voters can decide to reinforce, or issue a vote of no confidence, those same squealing anti democratic scared scare mongering Europhiles say No, err, we didn’t really mean it when we said call Theresa’s bluff.

      Basically they only want democracy when it suits them. There’s a word for that.”

      And this comment also talks some sense, and exposes the Guardian’s agenda too I think.

      “From the other side of the pond, while there may be no constitutional requirement, it is quite understandable that Mrs. May would want and may even need to have a mandate for moving forward with Brexit on sound footing. That mandate may be requisite for an advantageous divorce settlement from the EU. The only logical reason to deny her such a strong hand in negotiations must be to sabotage that enterprise. The Guardian has been most transparent in that regard.”

  2. Missy

     /  20th April 2017

    Labour’s exodus continues. As of tonight 7 Labour MPs have said they will not stand for re-election, further to that at least 2 Labour MPs are expected to quit if they win the Mayoral races they are standing in for the Local Elections in May.


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