Conservatives pick very poor fight

The Conservative Party need to try to attract attention, but using war and Anzac Day to do it very poor.


Leighton, this is crappy. Some will see it as disrespectful, even disgraceful.

Conservative Party Leader Leighton Baker, an ANZAC message to New Zealand.

“The Conservative Party is still here, and we are still continuing the fight. People ask what we are fighting for, well we are actually fighting for exactly the same things that our soldiers fought for in WW1 and WW2 and other wars.  We are fighting for our families, we are fighting for our freedom, and we are fighting for democracy.

Years ago in WW1 and 2, our soldiers went offshore and they fought for freedom, democracy and their families. There is another war and that’s going on right here in New Zealand, right now.  We are losing our democracy.  In all the citizens initiated referenda we’ve had, no Government, on either side – left or right, had ever listened to or ever acted on the results.

Life is important to all New Zealanders. From birth, through to the grave, we’ve got to value life. That’s part of who we are as New Zealanders.  We have always done that and that’s what we fought for.

Our families are being destroyed.  We are seeing more and more crime,  suicides and addictions. And why is that? Because there is a disconnect within our families.  That’s where we believe, as the Conservative Party, we need to focus.  We have to focus on families survival.

I would encourage you to get behind the Conservative Party, because our policies are practical, they’re addressing the real issues, and they are real solutions that are not just ‘throw money at it’.

The Conservative Party is a party for all people that want to see a decent society, where we can bring up our children, and our grandchildren, now and into the future”.

War and remembrance of those who have died through Anzac Day should be off limits to tacky political promoters.

The Conservative Party needs support. This is more likely to lose it.

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  1. Gezza

     /  21st April 2017

    Nup. Family values? Not gonna work. Gonna take at least 2 more election cycles to distance themselves from Colin Craig, maybe more. Basically the Conservatives are stuffed.

  2. Tipene

     /  21st April 2017

    I’ve stood in the shallow waters of Anzac Cove, walked the trenches of Gallipoli, where in places the width of a road was all that separated the opposing forces, and climbed Chunuk Bair, all in the company of a Turkish Tour guide whose respect for the fallen ANZAC troops and his own ancestral comrades radiated from every word of his narrative.

    To compare what happened to our soldiers to the flaws in representative democracy?

    No, just……………………………no.

    • Well, yes … except that some considerable amount of what happened to our soldiers was due to flaws in representative democracy … which is suspended during wartime anyhow …

      (Nothing about the Conservative’s campaign, which I abhor and find dunder-headed, unworthy of consideration)

      I personally believe 2018 will be something of a watershed year in terms of ‘remembrance’, and that someday we will be able to freely discuss and fully express a more rounded, complete and healthier range of opinions and emotions about Gallipoli and our involvement in WWI, WW2 and other conflicts …

      Each year I am drawn back to Shona Laing’s words from ‘Banned’ …

      “Our boys across the barbed wire,
      Tempted … and Snared … ”

      And an image of mothers opening telegrams …

  3. Nelly Smickers

     /  21st April 2017

    Wayne reckins maybe Colin himself has dreamed up a new campaign ❓

    “In Flanders Fields………

  4. Bill Brown

     /  22nd April 2017

    Great to see the Conservative Party go from one idiot at the helm to another. What a disgrace. The only war these clowns are in is continually shooting at each other across a small open field !

    I hope Slater has the goods on Craig and hammers him into complete obscurity

  5. Tipene

     /  22nd April 2017

    @ Bill: If its true that “hope deferred makes the heart sick” then you may want to remain close to urgent medical care in the coming weeks 🙂

  6. NOEL

     /  22nd April 2017

    As a Cenotaph Guard in the sixtees and seventees speeches were pure politics and little about the true reason for remberance. By the mid ninetees that had changed as the Veteran community expressed their distaste of political points scoring around ANZAC Day.
    Hope the RSA is going to give ghis lot a reminder.

  1. Conservatives pick very poor fight – NZ Conservative Coalition

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