The Nation: Is the rock star economy still rocking?

This weekend The Nation interviews Steven Joyce on the economy and the budget:

Is the rock star economy still rocking? Tomorrow we’ll talk to the newly-minted Finance Minister Steven Joyce ahead of next month’s Budget.

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Joyce says Auckland Council needs to look at how much it can spend on transport.

Expect to see the Govt’s expenditure on the CRL in the Budget, Joyce say.

Still a rock star economy? Joyce wouldn’t call it that but the new Zealand is still performing well, and better than most.

Joyce says he’s keen to see the tax system work more clearly for people. No decision yet on tax thresholds (for PAYE), everything is still “on the table” for the budget.


  1. Blazer

     /  April 22, 2017

    its never been a ‘rockstar’ economy.Its a smoke and mirrors economy of runaway property inflation,and loose immigration,with huge borrowings on top.

  2. Griff

     /  April 22, 2017

    GDP ?
    Insurance money coming in to fix the result of the earth quakes.
    Immigrants that bring stresses on infrastructure we are struggling to fund.

    Smoke and mirrors.

    Meantime middle NZ is being screwed both ways.

  3. Still rocking … ?

    Yeah … but not even like Mick Jagger …

    Maybe David Bowie?

    RUN! Get your money offshore! Inflation is up to 2.2% …