BSA reject Labour complaint

Last November after Labour released a youth work scheme policy 1 News journalist Andrea Vance questioned their costings. Labour conceded that they had not mentioned an assumption that a 6 month subsidy was costed for 4 months as they though that would be the average.

Despite their omission Phil Twyford attacked Vance on Twitter quite severely, and then Labour laid a complaint with the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

See Labour lay complaint over coverage of policy costings.

The BSA has released it’s finding in which they rejected Labour’s complaint: Jaspers and Television New Zealand Ltd – 2016-095 (19 April 2017)


An item on 1 News reported on the Labour Party’s ‘Ready for Work’ policy, which offered unemployed young people employment on the minimum wage in environmental and community projects for six months.

The item reported that, according to Labour, the scheme would cost $60 million per year for 10,000 participants. However, the $60-million sum was actually ‘based on participants taking up the scheme for just four months, not the promised six’.

The Authority did not uphold a complaint that the item was based on inaccurate and unsubstantiated conclusions made by the reporter featured in the item, which was misleading and damaged the credibility of the Labour Party.

The reporter’s comments, while critical, were not inaccurate or misleading, and it is an important function of the media to comment critically on political party policy in the lead up to an election period.

Labour was given sufficient opportunity to consider the reporter’s comments and to put forward its views, both during the 1 News item and in considerable coverage in other media at the time.

Not Upheld: Accuracy, Fairness, Balance

So Vance was doing her job as a political journalist, Twyford blew a fuse on Twitter, and Labour took the rare step of complaining to the BSA.

Vance was exonerated.

Labour had egg on their face when their policy was examined, Twyford threw eggs at Vance, Labour complained about the eggs to the BSA, and Labour’s reputation has ended up scrambled.

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  1. Traveller

     /  24th April 2017

    Now there’s a surprise – not. That Twford is an absolute snowflake and . Jr trminds me of Chris Carter the way he overreacts.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  24th April 2017

      ‘You don’t like me because I’m gay’ Carter ?

      No, we don’t like you because you’re Chris Carter and your being gay is not of any real interest to people.

      But he was given a terrible and unjustified persecution by the press, baying and chasing him like a nightmare version of the gang of bullies at school with a victim. He did some really stupid things, but that was inexcusable.

      • Loki

         /  24th April 2017

        Paying for “massages@ in his ministerial credit card in Asia and sending helicopters to fetch his toothbrush.
        Yup, the media really victimised him!

        • patupaiarehe

           /  24th April 2017

          Really Loki? Evidence please!

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  25th April 2017

          I don’t remember any of those stories, which are probably apochryphal,but do remember a baying pack literally chasing him. Didn’t he sign someone else’s name to a notice that he had written himself, or something like that ?

  2. Kitty Catkin

     /  24th April 2017

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear-what timing.

  3. Blazer

     /  24th April 2017



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