Peters demands honesty of others

Winston Peters has played the media again, getting the attention he wanted when he launched a racial attack on two NZ Herald journalists – see Peters plays media with racist taunts.

And media have continued to give him a platform. Newshub ironically report on him asking for honesty in Winston Peters launches attack on immigrant reporters.

“They came out with the report saying the mass majority of immigration is not coming from Asia”

The Herald had reported:

Despite China and India being among the biggest source countries for permanent residents, they are not among the top five for direct migrant workers.

Massey University sociologist Paul Spoonley said migrant from Asian countries were less likely to get direct access to New Zealand on skilled work visa.

“They are more likely to transition to permanent residence through temporary work and study visa routes using options such as the transition to work provisions,” said Professor Spoonley, an expert on immigration.


While it might sound like you to be Trumpesque, but when somebody like those two reporters doesn’t bother to call the one party that’s been strong on immigration…

Strongly against immigration.

…and for very sound reasons and which is being proven right every month now…

It’s not ‘very sound’ to insinuation against and directly attack Asian immigrants, which is what Peters has done for years.

…as we have for a long long time, if they don’t bother to give you a call to see whether or not you agree with what their analysis is,

They didn’t go to any politicians, they went to sociologist Spoonley and health worker Aeziel Niegos for comment. Why go to a cranky old broken record who has a history of misrepresenting immigration?

it somewhat suggests they’re biased before they start.

It suggests they were looking for a different angle on immigration rather than repeating the same old.

Now you can find that Trumpesque, or Brexitesque or any other esque you like, but this is an election period, and we expect some honesty with the New Zealand public.

Does anyone expect honesty from Peters?

Well they’re like the New Zealand Initiative, who are majorly immigrants themselves.

That’s a dirty claim, and possibly inaccurate. Here are the people from NZ Initiative, only one or two out of 14 look possibly like Asian immigrants or children of immigrants, some others will have been born in other countries, but that is irrelevant to what they do, unless Peters is trying to imply that immigrants shouldn’t try to contribute to research and discussions in New Zealand.

…and they are heavy into being pro mass immigration.

“Mass immigration” is one of the dirtiest claims that Peters keeps peddling. New Zealand has long grown through immigration, but we have nothing like unlimited “mass immigration”, that is nothing more than dishonest dog whistling.

And “heavy into being pro” is a dishonest swipe at the NZ Initiative.

And meanwhile, the Herald has in it’s other pages whole forests of information about what’s going wrong with infrastructure in Auckland. Can’t they make the connection between the two?

I don’t think anyone doesn’t see the connection between an increasing population and pressures on Auckland’s housing and infrastructure. If New Zealand wants to grow – and the population has grown for centuries – then we need immigration, and a corresponding increase in housing and infrastructure. Does Peters want stagnation?

And that’s why I make this allegation, and I’ve never had a call from those two gentleman as to what New Zealand First thinks.

So Peters appears peeved about not getting asked to comment. His views are well known and hardly news. And his crankiness and dishonesty and attention seeking are not good reasons to give him free publicity in election year.

More journalists should ignore him unless he can contribute intelligently and accurately.

No, they go to everyone else but New Zealand First, because they know we’re going to dissect their misinformation, and expose it for what it is.

They didn’t do anything close to”go to everyone else but New Zealand First” so that’s another false claim from Peters.

All Peters has done is expose himself for what he is, an attention seeking dishonest crank.

“You have two immigrants themselves as reporters for the Herald writing what is clearly misleading information [and] headlining it on the front page.

“It’s ridiculous [and] it’s misinformation.”

Peters accusing someone else of misinformation oodles irony.

His reaction to not being asked for comment, just as no other politician was asked for comment , is what is ridiculous.

As is the amount of publicity that the media inevitably give Peters when he winds up his  racist attacks.

It’s still five months until the election. It looks like it could be a long and dirty campaign.

Peters demanding honesty of others is unhinged hypocrisy.

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  1. Conspiratoor

     /  27th April 2017

    Anyone else think this guy will go close to 20pc in September?

    • 20% honesty? That might be a stretch.

    • Gezza

       /  27th April 2017

      Yes, patu. I’m not sure if he’s bet the house on it yet but he’s been predicting 20% or better for Rt Hon W R Peters & his gaggle here for a while now.

      • There’s no indication NZ First will get anything like 20% in this year’s election.

        An increase to 10% will be doing well going by current polls.

        Peters is much different to Trump, having been a not very successful part of the political system for nearly forty years.

        • Blazer

           /  27th April 2017

          Deputy P.M .Treasurer,Min of Foreign affairs among other numerous ministerial posts…..your statement does not withstand…scrutiny.

      • Gezza

         /  27th April 2017

        Patu begs to differ

        I remain largely silent on the matter at this point apart from noting that the only 2 coalitions so far which have included Rt Hon W R Peters PC have ended with the main governing party getting the bum’s rush at the next election.

        • patupaiarehe

           /  27th April 2017

          NZF WILL get over 20% of the party vote in September, & this is why.
          Here is what it says in that first press release:

          New Zealand Herald propaganda written by two Asian immigrant reporters stating the top five source nations for work visas are not Asian is completely wrong and based on flawed analysis, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

          So, what is dishonest about that? I think it is rather polite of him to describe the article as ‘propaganda’, IMHO ‘bullshit’ would be far more accurate. And both authors of that article are Asian immigrants, are they not? While some folk may consider it rude to mention that, some others might wonder if Mr Singh & Mr Tan could be slightly biased (I’m not saying they are BTW).
          What I will say, is that the face of this nation is changing rapidly, and that a lot of us who were born here, are more than a little concerned. The lower paying jobs that Kiwi students used to do, are now taken by foreigners. You’d be hard pressed to find a Dominos driver in Tauranga, who isn’t fluent in Hindi. I’d estimate that at least half of the liquor outlets here are owned by Indians, and they only employ Indian staff. Also, Indian people are more disproportionately represented on forecourts & in Supermarkets here, than Maori are in prisons.
          As far as I am aware, neither ‘delivery driver’, nor ‘shop assistant’, are on the skill shortage list, and as Mr Peters has quite correctly pointed out, they are ‘sneaking in the backdoor’ on student visas. Which is insane, when you see how difficult it is for a qualified tradesman to get residency here, with a trade that is on the list.
          The consensus at the smoko table today, was that the Herald article is misleading, and Winston is right. I am not the only one who has noticed what is really going on with immigration.

          • patupaiarehe

             /  27th April 2017

            A little more ‘honesty’…

            Bill English-

            Speaking to reporters today, English was asked if he would call Peters’ comments racist.

            “I think that’s the reaction he is looking for, frankly. So I’m not going to say it,” English said. “It is pretty predictable really isn’t it, but it’s not getting at the substance of the issue which is we have a growing economy and we need skills, including from overseas.”

            That’s his point Bill. We need skilled immigrants, not foreign students who take unskilled jobs from Kiwis.

            Andrew Little-

            Labour leader Andrew Little condemned Peters, saying the comments were “out of order”.

            New Zealanders would form their own judgement about what Peters said, but the immigration figures that angered the New Zealand First leader “speak for themselves”, Little said.

            They sure do…

            Despite being critical of Peters, both English and Little didn’t rule out going into Government with New Zealand First, with English saying “we will let the voters sort out just what coalition partners any party would have to work with”.

            Wise words from Mr English, lets see what the voters sort out in Ohariu & Epsom. Roll on September…. 😀

            • patupaiarehe

               /  27th April 2017

              Could you lend your editing skills again please Pete 🙂

  2. Corky

     /  27th April 2017

    I agree with much of what’s written, however as I have said before, I will vote for anyone who will come down hard on immigration.

    I break down immigration into First and Second World flows, and include refugees.

    We have too many in all categories and are importing the wrong racial mixes.

    I don’t want this eventuating in my country..and it will eventuate.


    ”Barely a month goes by in Italy without women being shot, stabbed or disfigured by jealous former husbands and lovers. The attacks have followed a depressingly familiar pattern – the woman breaks up with the man, who becomes enraged by jealousy and bitterness. ”

    • The only area where I see we should clamp down in is so-called family reunification, and add bride-fetching from your Dad’s village to that mix. A friend of mine working in the PUBLIC health related data sector says the numbers of elderly parents of migrants with age related diseases, I.e Cancer, should give cause for alarm. I have no idea why migrants get to fetch parents over, unless NZ taxpayers categorically don’t pick up their health bills. From what I hear we most certainly are. There’s donething wrong there.

      • “Something”. Migrants need to be charged for their parent’s health. It’s unfair that hips and knees for lifetime taxpayers are put on back burner as ore money goes to the parents of migrants who’ve offered not a cent in tax.

      • Blazer

         /  27th April 2017

        tell those card board cut out Natz members to do something about it then….FCS!

  3. Bill Brown

     /  27th April 2017

    Shane Jones is not far from making his announcement to run with Winston – I’m not sure on 20% but I think 8-10% is a possibility
    No doubt immigration will be a big issue and a few terror attacks offshore closer to the time will be all the ammo they need. Throw in Winstons traditional elderly vote where he will no doubt up the rhetoric on NZ won’t be here for the grandchildren and he’s sure to rattle the votes. If Jones does run like they says he will, he will have been very sure that if he does it’s all about maximising his opportunity….. timing is everything

  4. Whaleoil and his NZ First loving mates will be thrilled the Old Farts Party is thriving with xenophobia and parochialism alive and well


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